Monday, 25 July 2011

Nail Tip for Summer Pastels & Crazy Neons

I hadn't intended on another nail post quite so quickly but accidentally came across a nice little nail tip this weekend and felt the need to shareI've heard lament and been the lamenter of  the time it takes to apply summer pastels. While sporting a french polish over the weekend I conveniently 'found myself' in Superdrug trying out the lovely Pastel Nail Paints by Barry M. 

Some May have fallen into my mála aprés nail tip discovery.
L-R Mint Green, Blueberry, Strawberry & Lemon
Yup, pastels can be a bit of a PIB (pain in the bum) when it comes to application and that has stopped me purchasing in the past. It can take up to 3 coats to reach the desired opacity, which some of us have neither the time nor the inclination for. Cue me swatching the pastels over a french polish in Superdrug and Eureka! 
The pastels POP instantly when applied over a white base!
We all have a couple o' whites lying 'round for tip work
Half & Half
Difference is immediately noticeable with just one coat
So there you have it, to save time and achieve the desired result a white base coat can really work. Got me to thinking about other PIB colours, such as Neons. 
Et Voila! Great for the impact of Neons too
Have to say I'm all about time saving time and getting faster results so I'll definitely be using this trick in future. 

How 'bout you?

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