Saturday, 30 July 2011

If You Go Down to the Woods Today..

Zorbing Nation

Looking to blow off the cobwebs & take advantage of the lovely weather we found ourselves over in the wonderful Corkagh Park today in Clondalkin. It's been several years since we'd been and there are one or two more attractions in place these days, Thanks to Outdoor Adventures. 

Aqua Zorbing. Most hilarious spectator sport EVER!

This park has to be one of the most beautiful amenities in the country and I spent the afternoon wondering why we don't go more often. With their fishing lakes, camping grounds and ginormous playground for the little 'uns there's something for everyone. A trip into the petting farm is also a must or a stroll around the beautiful, award winning rose garden. But the addition of these outdoor activties mean that if you find yourself with a surplus of energy and a need to make your loved ones laugh till they snort like pigs (I was that snorty soldier) then zorbing is for you. 

Cutie on the quad ready to stop the lads
Not too spendy, prices are for 3 turns

Gobble, Gobble. One of the gobbly residents of the lovely petting farm. 

If you find yourself at a loss for a day filler during the school holidays or any time of the year, I can't recommend this park enough. Throwing a picnic in the boot too would mean you could make an entire day of it. Bliss. 

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