Monday, July 04, 2011

Transformers 3 - Exhausts Eyeballs

Among rumours of recycled footage Transformers 3 opened this weekend & quickly snaffled up $94 million in box office takings. Despite detractors from the previous 2 films it would seem the Transformers franchise is doing its best impression of Decepticon leader Megatron, you just can't keep it down.

Being avid fans of the series and of course Michael Bay (Bad Boys anyone?) the lads & I tootled off to see this latest instalment on Saturday. I should point out that Adam's shoulders usually drop approximately 2 feet when he realises films are in 3D, he hates the bland colours & cumbersome glasses, we had it on good authority though that for full enjoyment 3D was the only D to see.

Shia la Beouf returns as the beleaguered  Whitwickey, inexplicably jobless despite having saved the world twice with the stunning Rosie Huntington-Whitely on his arm. This being Rosie's debut role, she was brought in to replace Megan Fox who had allegedly commit career suicide. But there is zero, zilch explanation as to why she would be with LaBeouf's character. This girl is traffic stoppingly gorgeous, the word stunning invented for her and her ilk but unfortunately it would seem her talent, acting wise, ends there. She does have an ungodly ability in the midst of an intergalactic smack down to keep a jacket white though, which is handy. Having asked Aaron what he thought (He being 15 & she being a Victoria's Secret Goddess) he replied, she's a bit Blue Steel is she not? I love that kid more & more each day. He hit the nail on the head. 

Blue Steel circa Zoolander

La Beouf himself acts out of his socks, a little too much if I'm honest, though he shows huge potential for physical comedy in this instalment as does John Turturro on his return. Some of Turturro's scenes and quotes from the second movie still make me chuckle. As I've said Rosie's there for the Guys but the Gals aren't left out when it comes to eye candy the delicious Patrick Dempsey makes an appearance & shows once again his serious acting chops. Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duhamel aren't to hard on the eye either.  

I have to say that we thoroughly enjoyed this film, Bay seems to have addressed the issues of flashing, blink and you'll miss it, CGI by slowing the scenes right down. Giving you a chance to truly gauge the awesomeness of the fight/ peril scenes of which there are plenty. The Decepticon's new secret weapon Shock Wave is introduced and Tyrese Gibson couldn't have said it better 'Why do the Decepticons get all the cool sh*t?' My guess is because they look so much cooler chasing you down!
As for the Bots themselves, Leonard Nemoy makes a vocal appearance and couldn't have been better cast. The twins from the second film have disappeared, which can only be a good thing but honestly I would have liked to see more character development with these guys. I have to admit that Bumblebee is my favourite & would have liked to see his and Sam's relationship fleshed out a bit more too. Despite having discussed whether or not you could actually be attracted to an Autobot with a close pal, she hearts Optimus, Japanese scientists have burst my bubble with the view that robot love is a while off yet. Failing that I'm guessing adding a Chevy Camero to my Lust List is going to have to do.

This film is looooong so those of you with younger kiddies might not be able to keep them easy for the duration but if you're a Transformers fan, like us, get thee to the cinema. Adam has since been swayed on the 3D too admitting it was 'needed for the sick scenes' as the credits rolled he gave his verdict 'My eyeballs are exhausted'. Quite. 


cornflakegirl said...

Haha, I love it.

Sounds like you and the boys enjoyed your trip to the cinema, exhausted eyeballs and all.

Sue Jordan said...

Ha, it's honestly very good P, if you're into that sorta thing x