Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Not So Pretty Pedicure at Pink Signature Day Spa

Finding myself with a free and breezy Friday last week I decided to spoil the Mamito and me a little with some deluxe pedicure action. We often indulge our tootsies during the Summer months with Seoid Spa in Dunboyne Castle being our high end splurge (€55) and using J nails in Capel St as our regular budget friendly option (€28).

Because I’d one or two bits to pick up in Dundrum though, this time we opted for Pink Signature Day Spa on the top level of the shopping centre.

The space in the Signature Day Spa is bright and airy with a stunning view out over the mountains. We were seated immediately and waited less than five minutes before we were introduced to our therapists and brought to the pedicure area with luxurious massage treatment chairs. Once they’d offered us magazines or drinks the ladies got to work.

While the service before and during the treatment was impeccable, as soon as our polish was done we were forgotten about. Our therapists left and didn't return. We sat for the guts of 15 minutes before I decided that was enough. I moved the side tables and hopped down from the swivel chair while the bubbles were still bubbling and the chair still massaging. I checked that my polish was dry, removed the tissue from my toes and carefully popped on my flip flops then headed over to help my Mam down to the same for her (she has limited mobility).

I could be wrong, this could be the approach that Pink takes with their treatments but I’ve never encountered it before. I think had we been told that we should leave once our polish was dry it might have been slightly less disconcerting than being left alone but still it’s pretty poor service. The budget nail shop J Nails on Capel St, for example not only help with your shoes but have been known to hotfoot it to top up the parking meter to save customers from rushing after they've finished. I don’t expect that kind of service everywhere but when paying top dollar a little attention to detail is nice.

While Mam’s toes were beautifully finished, mine genuinely looked like I’d done them myself, which is so disappointing. I didn't complain as up to a point the service was good but I didn't tip either (a first for me).

Unfortunately we won’t be returning to Pink Signature Day Spa for our pedicure needs and I’d be slow to recommend them based on our experience – when I pay €55 for a deluxe spa pedicure I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have my toes look like I’ve paid €55 for a deluxe spa pedicure. I’ve already painted over them as I was annoying myself looking at them. Boo and Urns!

Tell me, have you ever been really disappointed in a beauty treatment? Or more importantly, have you been for a Pink pedicure and loved it?

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