Wednesday, September 18, 2013

KIKO Comes to Ireland - Whether it Likes it or Not via Parcel Motel!

There are many brands I lust after but when their products are reasonably priced, beautifully effective and budget friendly yet refuse to open shop or ship to where I am, then that want increases ten fold. I first encountered KIKO on a trip to London with my Sis and reviewed my purchases here  - those shadows are still going strong so when I figured a workaround to have KIKO delivered to Ireland (despite their restrictions) both delight and Laser melting ensued but how did I do it? 

Yep, Parcel Motel, the new Irish delivery service worked a treat for me. For €3.50 per stay (though they ask for €10 minimum top up) you register with Parcel Motel and they give you a UK address, complete with PO code to use as your delivery address on the site of your choice. 

When your package has been delivered to your choice of 100 'Motels' you'll receive a text with pin code to go and pick up your goods. I can see this causing serious damage to my Laser on sites that have been off limits before. 

But back to KIKO - what did I get? 

KIKO Water Eyeshadow: Chocolate
KIKO's Chocolate is unlike any chocolate I've eaten. The deep, russet brown pigmentation is a high shimmer shadow and gives beautiful depth of colour even dry. It's the most intense burnished copper colour when used wet. I can see chocolate and I being close for a long time. 

KIKO Water Eyeshadow: Graphite
Again Graphite is an intense, high shimmer shade. A deep graphite grey shadow when used dry and almost black when wet, this is an ideal base for a dark smokey eye or used on a damp liner brush makes a beautiful eye liner.

The price definitely belies the quality of this rich and nourishing best selling KIKO lippie. I chose Cherry Red, naturally and it's a creamy, soft wearable rouge. Brilliant budget find. 

Finally the limited edition Colour Impact Palette from the Dark Heroine range in Lounge Warm Tones broke my heart a little when I opened it. Priced at £16.90 (€20.12), it was Nic over at Strawberry Blonde Beauty that put the longing on me for this autumnal palette. 

I haven't even swatched this beauty as it's to be returned to KIKO but it's replacement is already en route and I'll have a full swatch post up as soon as it arrives. 

All in all I'm over the moon that I can get my KIKO fix here on the emerald isle. Even though the Parcel Motel option adds €3.50 to the cost, once you register on your shipping from them is free. 

Tell me, will you be indulging? Have you used Parcel Motel to smuggle anything else into Ireland? Hmmm? 


Anonymous said...

I bought a few bits of Kiko when I was in Berlin and have since run out. I've got a weird sentimental thing for the brand because I was so in love with the city.

Swatches look gorgeous, can't wait to see the palette - shame it smashed on the way.

Felicity said...

Uniqlo and Avon are both worked around via Parcel Motel - wish they'd set one up for the States, too!

Nicola said...

I was just looking at this the other day! I got all excited, cos I saw that there was a motel in Sligo (there wasn't the last time I checked). But then I couldn't find any shops it would be worthwhile using it for! If shipping is just a couple of extra euro to the door, I'd rather that option. I think it's only useful for places like this, where shipping is free in the UK but they don't come here.

I did spot Uniqlo, and H&M, but apparently they won't ship to a PO box? Any other suggestions?

Unknown said...

I have used parcel motel for all the amazon electronic products they wont ship here. including the Tassimo t4 coffee machine that was only £30stg but with £20 stg credit
@ Nicola, I have never had any problem with any of my orders since I started using Parcel Motel through beta. are you sure you are putting in the address right? because when you do its just like your own name, not a po box number.

Unknown said...

That lippy - WANT!
Signing up with Parcel Motel immediately!

Unknown said...

Oh my! Chocolate is stunning. Palette looks really pretty too.

LoNiCho said...

Wow they are gorgeous products really love Water Eyeshadow in Chocolate.

Love Parcel Motel, use it for all products that wont ship to Ireland or have free shipping in the UK. Or for plain old ridiculous costs of shipping to Ireland some UK sites have shipping to Ireland of £12!!!
It does feel a bit dodgy hanging around petrol stations collection packages but found it brilliant.
And it's great not having everything delivered to work and having to deal with boss of post room!!

Unknown said...

Those eyeshadows look amazing, to be honest they look like something Laura Mercier would do. I am using Parcel for my the body shop orders, very often they have 40% off so i take advantage.

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

That chocolate shadow is beautiful, have trip to UK coming up soon, will keep an eye out for the brand.x

Need A Gap said...

I have the same 205 eyeshadow! You should try it in 200 "champagne" it's very pretty!! If you are interested i have the swatches on my blog :)