Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New IsaDora Under Cover Primer: About to Hit Irish Counters

Swedish make up brand IsaDora is about to dip its toe into the primer market with Under Cover and if the ingredients are anything to go by, this fragrance free, silicone free moisturiser/primer hybrid may make a bit of a splash in doing so. 

As with all primers, IsaDora Under Cover aims to blur lines, mattify skin and provide a perfect base over which to apply your slap. The inclusion of natural silica and rapeseed in place of silicone though means it feels lightweight on the skin and won't ball or roll on the skin as heavier priming products have a tendency to do but also means that you can skip your moisturiser, should you choose to so. 

Although advertised as 'transparent', Under Cover is actually a pinkish beige tone, though blends to transparency
The inclusion of cucumber extract cools and refreshes skin on application, while caffeine aids circulation , reduces puffiness and works on disguising dark circles. I've worn this primer all day long with no make up, it feels light and fresh on the skin and the slight flesh (pinkish beige) tinge to the formulation camouflaged my lighter pigmentation without looking heavy or caked on. 

While I never claim to be an ingredient aficionado, I do know some of you lovelies are so here's the DL on what's included: 

1. Sodium Hyaluronate                                     6. Vitamin E

2. Bambusa Vulgaris Leaf 7. Caffeine
3. Bisabolol 8. Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Extract
4. Rapeseed 9. Glucosamine
5. Acetyl Tyrosine 10. Pisum Sativum (Pea) Extract

You'll find Isa Dora Under Cover on counters in large pharmacies, Debenhams and Shaws stores as of next week for a discounted launch price of €16.95, that will rise to €19.95 post launch.

Are you a primer user? Do you have a favourite, for any reason?


Anonymous said...

This sounds interesting, might have a peek at it in store!

Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

Hmmmm... I have been looking into dipping a toe into the Primer section. This needs investigating!

S said...

Isn't it mad too when you look at ingredients and it's basically €20 for bits of peas, cucumbers, seeds, caffeine and glucosamine. *rambles away to self* - I have some primers but by the time I remember I own some, I'm already at the mascara stage, am a disaster.