Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MUA's Smokin v Urban Decay's Smoked with Swatches - The Dopest Dupe I've Ever Seen

It has all become clear to me with this palette, British budget beauty brand MUA, have a mole living in the Urban Decay offices and mere months after UD release a palette, the mole strikes with an incredible dupe for a fraction of the price. I mean how else can it be explained? MUA Smokin's blatant rip offery of Urban Decay's Smoked is just the latest in a line of budget shadows that replicate the more expensive, prove my theory and make purses rejoice.

MUA Smokin Palette: €7.17
Exactly like the Smoked palette, that I reviewed here , Smokin has 4 mattes and 6 shimmers with intense pigmentation. The shades are not only pretty much identical but they're pretty much in the identical places in palettes too. 

Both palettes include a soft black liner but being honest, there's not many liners in the world that compare to Urban Decay's 24/7 liners so let's not even compare. 

Smoked: €40 - Smokin: €7.17
Just look, please look at how identical these swatches are. For barely over €7, the formulation of the Smokin shadows are as buttery soft as Urban Decay at €40 and apply just as easily. The slight light change in both arms account for the slight difference but trust me - they're IDENTICAL. 

How about in exactly the same light? 

So there we have it, the MUA Mole has knocked it out of the park with this one. If you're a jewel toned fan when it comes to smokey eyes or if you hankered after Smoked but just didn't have the sheckles at the time - get thee to Superdrug or get thee online here.

I'm guessing when swatches and comparisons of these palettes filter through the blogosphere then it's going to be pretty much impossible to get your mitts on Smokin. My advice is to get it and get it now. 

Apart from wondering if I've two left arms for swatching - (that's totally Aaron's and it was twisted to help out) - What think we? 


Ting said...

Thanks for doing the comparison. It is definitely a dupe!! :)

LoNiCho said...

That is a serious dupe. Glad I didn't shell out for the UD version and I nearly did so many times. It would make you wonder if it's right that MUA can do this.
Glad you mention the 2 left arm issue I was beginning to worry for you.

Unknown said...

The black in Smokin' looks really nice! Might have to pick this one up x

Unknown said...

Wowzers that flipping fantastic dupe!!!

Sabella said...

Just ordered this yesterday :) now I really can't wait to try it out!! Is it just me or does the MUA one actually look more smooth and pigmented then the UD from the swatches

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'd've thought that Urban Decay would be starting a law suit about now...

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! It looks so beautiful