Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Body Shop Honeymania Range - Luxuriously Rich Bodycare

It would seem honey is the hottest beauty ingredient of both scents and skincare in 2013. From Marc Jacobs to L'Occitane this amber nectar is bolstering ingredient lists the world over but The Body Shop's upcoming Honeymania range contains honey that's just a little bit different. 

The indulgent bath and body Body Shop Honeymania range uses Ethiopian Community Fair Trade honey in its products and it uses quite a lot of it too. Just one of the facts that blew my mind hole is that it takes over 100 bees visiting over 50,000 flowers to make enough honey to put into just one product. I was a little sceptical at first but then I tried them. (The products, not the bees)

The scent of the products is sweet but not overly so with a delicate floral kick that makes this one of the most subtle, comforting Body Shop ranges I now use. The honey smells light but authentic, very unlike some of the cheaper, synthetic honey scents on the market. 

Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt: €13.95
This literal honeypot of goodness is the Bubble Bath Melt and is unlike any Body Shop product I've tried before. With the same golden, slow moving consistency as honey itself, a little of this luxurious melt goes a very long way. I've not only used it to bathe but the tiniest amount on a flannel makes a foaming, indulgent shower time treat. 

Honeymania Body Butter: €18.95
The Body Shop body butters are my weakness and Honeymania's offering is no different. Designed for dry to very dry skin, this subtly scented, rich moisturiser promises 24 hours hydration and delivers. I had thought this would be a winter time staple to keep my legs soft and supple but nope, the youngest has taken a serious shine to it and we're almost through our first pot already. He has expensive tastes that boy. 

Honeymania Lip Balm: €7.50
 Finally in my press pack I was kindly given the Honeymania lip balm. This melting balm takes a moment to become malleable but gives just the right amount of hydration without becoming greasy on the lips. More pleasant than sweet tasting, this will be a manna for dry kissers this Autumn. 

Also included in the Honeymania range are a honeycomb shaped soapless soap (€3.95), an Eau De Toilette (€13.95), shower gel (€8.95) and a rich exfoliating scrub (18.95). 

Having heard the story of just one Ethiopian Mum that has been able to send her children to school based soley on the money she earns producing the Community Fair Trade Honey that The Body Shop use, I'll be picking up the shower gel and the scrub too. Well that and the fact that they smell incredible... but mostly the loving playing a small part thing. 

Honeymania launches this month, look out in store and online for further information and make a bee-line for a sniff once you see it. 


Icaria said...

Oh I must make a stop at TBS to have a closer look and sniff at these. I can totally imagine myself using this body butter this winter!

S said...

I hate the smell of honey but I'm sure this range will be a great seller for them, it looks really nice x

Anonymous said...

Mmm... that looks nice. I like the look of that bubble thang...

Unknown said...

Almost bought that little honey pot from Next the other day, but they only had one and it was chipped. Too cute!