Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Bops - We've Been Nominated!

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It's not often that I'll write a post like this but the thrill of this nomination has me pretty excited. You see we, that's Aaron, AKA our in house movie reviewer, AKA the Eldest Gorgebag & I have been nominated as The Best Beauty Read in The Bops!

What is that? I hear you ask. Well it's The Blog and Online Publishing Awards, sponsored by Littlewoods and we've made it to the top 9 in the country. Herein lies the difficulty, we're up against another eight blogs that are blahhdy brilliant, I count some of them among my good friends and respect their work immensely. Just as much as I respect our own. 

If you like the cut of our blogging jib, the fact that we're an original Momma/Son site or even if we make you laugh out loud, literally, on occasion then we would hugely appreciate a moment of your time to vote. 

We're under Best Beauty Read and you can skip or vote in as many categories as you choose but I'd urge you to vote in each. There's some serious homegrown talent on those Finalist lists. If there's one or two you don't recognise, sure check them out too!

Thank you very kindly. 

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