Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Wednesday Chattery - What's Your Favourite Beauty Brand?

Midweek - whoot!

I had a question on my FB page last night asking if I'd to choose only one makeup brand to use for the rest of my days what would that be... (thanks Amanda YOU DIVIL)

Ehhhhhhhm, I'd be forever choosing, that's the beauty junkie in me. Each brand offers something different and were you to see my (regularly culled) stash you'd see my loyalty lies all over the place. 

Gun to head though? It'd have to be Clarins for skincare and limited edition collections, or Estée Lauder for Bronze Goddess and Sensuous, or theBalm for Mary Lou Manizer and The Nude Tude, or Urban Decay for Naked palettes and 24/7 liners - can't forget Too Faced - 

Tell us, what's your favourite brand and why? 

Let's Chat!

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Felicity said...

Until recently, I'd have said Shiseido and just shut the yap. Now? Guerlain (assuming someone else is doing the paying!)or Armani if we're *only* talking makeup(ditto)