Thursday, April 24, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

You know what day it is, you know what time it is - let's unrustle some jimmies, shall we?

1. Colleagues that Microwave FISH in the Office

 photo tumblr_lxgh4pemG31r5ruse_zpscc403bb3.gif

2. Cars that Rev at Pedestrian Lights

 photo tumblr_mcvv229WWP1r98m7m_zps620b01e8.gif
3. Showing Someone a Pic on My Phone 
& They Swipe Left
 photo tumblr_m5qk01ZYIo1r1mr1po1_500_zps88c1cfa9.gif
4. Dropping Toothpaste Down My Blouse 
MINUTES Before I've to Leave the House

 photo tumblr_m3botequtN1r1nmpao1_500_zpsf3bfc3d7.gif

5. Clueless Election Canvassers
 photo closedoor_zps17e5a6e0.gif

And just like that all is calm once more. 

Tell me, what's been rustling your jimmies this week?


Breedao said...

No 1,no 1, no 1 - there's is someone who eats mackerel EVERY day in my place - thereby cutting me off from my caffeine source for two hours grrrrrrrrrr

LoNiCho said...

No 3. God Lord NO 3.
I have a friend who will swipe through every single photo in the phone and discuss them all in detail.

I've had to create folders on my phone as I take random weird pictures. Like colours , shoes bags I like. Outfits, Words that ??inspire me etc. Head was melted answering questions.

Dana P. said...

Showing someone one photo and they think that invitation is to look at all the photos. Yeah. I've been there plenty o'times.

S said...

I never show anyone my phone anymore, did I ask you to look at every single picture? No. Also on the canvassing thing - I had one last week that had a map and asked where she was.