Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Tuesday Chattery

Morning All, you made it through Monday then? 

I wanted to chat about something I saw tweeted yesterday that I thought was pretty interesting. Apparently 1 in 3 women today would happily pay for their own engagement ring?

Twitter has been aflurry with stats, polls and opinion pieces since Kelly's engagement and ensuing rumours but I wanted to see what ye made of it. Would you or have you paid for your engagement ring? 

To the lads, is this something you'd welcome in these cash strapped times? 

Let's chat!


Breedao said...

Afternoon - work that was supposed to ease off this week is still as manic - oh well there's always next week - I've been thinking about the engagement ring question on and off all day- first ring was physically paid for by him but we were pooling out resources by then - second one was paid for by him but he earns over double my salary - neither one was overly expensive - 1st one was £160 when I would have been earning £80 weekly - 1982 - 2nd one was €800 in 2005 - so neither approaching two months salary or whatever the 'criteria' is! I suppose my point is that it is up to the individual couple - their business and no one else's - I definitely don't agree with paying crazy money for a ring - I personally wouldn't like to wear a couple of thousand euro on my hand - I was out with extended family early Jan and was in the company of two girls who are to become sisters in law this year - I actually had to to leave their company because the girl that was already married was telling the engaged girl what she 'had' to have - to make sure that she got a domain wedding band and not to take no for an answer - it was 'her' day and she was worth it - :( well sorry it's 'their' day and it's ONLY a day - funnily enough I heard over the weekend that they're separating - anyway didn't mean to write a novel!

Breedao said...

Diamond - even

Sue Jordan said...

You are so right Breeda, there is HUGE focus on the day itself and not a lot on the marriage or the partnership for that matter.

There's something more than a little unsettling about the 'Bridezilla' culture - let's just say I'm glad I won't be marrying one or BEING one any time soon ;)