Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Ojon Dry Rcovery Hair Care - Review

Premium hair care brand Ojon has been soaring high on my radar for over twelve months now. While I don't buy into seriously expensive shampoo as a rule, when something pretty special lands on my desk for review, my grúaig and I hotfoot it to the shower to put it through its paces. 

There's not many among us that haven't mistreated our manes with dyes, bleaches, GHDs, and most recently tongs and heated curlers as we see the return of the curl bounce across every main stream media outlet and in new launch branding. Ojon is the manna to the abused tresses that will salvage damage from the above and more. 

Ojon Dry Recovery is a coconut based cleanser. Pure Ojon oil works to repair dry and frazzled locks while Blue Agave Nectar, Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Oil and Babassu Oil complex helps to nourish the hair shaft and restore hydration to the hair as a whole. All of these ingredients combine to give a light floral scent. 

While I've been loving this duo as a weekly treat, they truly came into their own this weekend. Having been dolled up, trussed up and backcombed to to my back teeth for the Irish Film and Television Awards, there was no way I was tackling my Simba mane at 10am in The Hilton before a ropey journey home. It was a quick shower cap laden shower and dry shampoo to the rescue (and plenty of it). 

It was only once safely home I could tackle the emerging bird's nest atop my crown. I grabbed these two, having enjoyed how silky they made my hair before and hopped into the shower. 

We'll be clear that to achieve my look on Saturday night, there was half a tin of Charles Worthington Texture & Bounce AND a good portion of an Elnett tin too, with a squirt of dry shampoo for good measure before we hit the red carpet. Ojon Dry Recovery washed the lot away in minutes. 

Thick enough to feel like a treatment but compliant enough to wash right out, last night Ojon saved my time and my hair and my poor Tangle Teezer. I had feared it'd be a 40 minute workout, it was as painless as regular wash and I haven't stopped running my fingers through my hair all day. Even having been caught in the rain twice, I still took a second take in the mirror at the shine Ojon has left. 

At €20 a bottle Ojon Dry Recovery is not cheap but if you're struggling with damaged, lackluster locks you can't ask for a nicer treatment than this. As a lover of dry shampoo on the regular, this duo will be put through its paces at least once a week until it's time to replace them, which I will without hesitation. 

Tell me, what's your shampoo of choice right now? 


Makeup Monster said...

This sounds like a great treat for hair, after pregnancy your hair is meant to go to feck so I may invest in something like this!

claire -musicandeverything.com said...

Woooah that is one pricey shampoon. I use Loreal's Fibrology Shampoo and I use an intensive conditioner once a week. Don't think I'd be forking out €20 for shampoo.

Unknown said...

I have a sample of the ojon shampoo and conditioner but I was so unimpressed with both of them, glad they worked out for you anyway :)