Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday's Moments: 14/04/14

You'll be glad to see, or some of you won't, that normal Monday's Moments service has resumed after IFTA mania last week. This week doesn't have Fassbender or even Jamie Dornan but it does have five Moments that have made my week easier and my Monday brighter. 


1. Adoption Proceedings: CANCELLED. 

There are days in your life when you thank the lord you didn't sell your children to the Carnies and last week I had just such a day. Having been in the office from 8am until after six I was all set to make the dinner quickly then collapse but Aaron had other ideas. 

As soon as I walked through the door he handed me a chip sandwich (Atkins would roll in his grave) and told me that they'd already eaten. Truly, there is nothing as tasty as an unexpected chip sambo and nothing as fulfilling as a lad that minds his Momma. Moar chip sambos I say, MOAR. 

2. Big Brother: Little Sister

For the first time since moving, Corrina (AKA the little Sis) got herself wifi in Athy. Can you believe it? For years the excuse was 'There's a tree in the way' - seriously but now set up I gave her my Netflix account so that she could catch up on the show we're all twittering on about. 

Cue 7pm on Wednesday I get a text from her 'Hey, I see you're watching Homeland, any use?'. Wait, WHAT? 'Oh you've added The Returned to your Must Watch list, have you heard good things?' WHAT THE WHAT?! Turns out she's using Netflix to spy on me, in my own living room. Now I'm afraid to even look at gick lest I be judged... *Deletes Nude Nun with Big Guns off the Must Watch List*. 

3. #Blessed

Following an evening at The Amazing Spiderman last week, we dropped into BK to get the lads a burger before getting the last bus home. It was only when the gal behind the counter asked to be paid that I realised there was a problem. My purse was gone. 

Both Adam & his pal backed up, much akin to Homer drifting backward into a bush while Aaron and I panicked and searched pockets. It was gone, I was sure of it. Having checked my pockets again, I emptied my bag onto the counter and nada, nothing. It was only when I went to walk away that I felt it - nestled in the folds of my scarf - SRSLY. 

I have no idea how it got there or how close I was to losing the lot but the day was saved and burgers were had. I've advised Adam not to go into Crisis Management as his career. It's best for everyone.  

4. Secret Stash FTW

That very same purse caused consternation the following day when I had been so careful to zip it into my jacket pocket, I never thought of it as I hared off to work the following morning. It had been a pretty manic week, yes? 

It was only sitting at my desk as lunch approached I realised it. Being the only one in the office I had consigned myself to starvation for the afternoon until I racked my brain trying to remember if there had been a communal stash of bikkies, then it hit me. I'd only bought chocolate the week before with the intention of bringing it home to the lads. Open the drawer and BOOM party time. I've never been so happy to see a scaldy Toffee Crisp in all my life. 

Note to self. I need a new purse. This one doesn't like me. 

5. We're ALL Winners Here

Last but by no mean least, a huge shout out to Warner Bros is due in Moment 5. They very kindly sent out passes for both Gorgebags to head off to the MCM Comic Con in the RDS this weekend with some nifty tees to boot. 

Both lads were up and out by 7.30 am both days, not returning until late, laden down with comics and loot and beaming from ear to ear. Momma here spent the entire weekend lounging about the place and getting over the series of unfortunate events that was the week before. Win/Win/Win. Thanks WB, from each of us. 

Tell me, what's brightening up your Monday so far? Any happy haps in your corner of the universe today? 


S said...

That's the purse rule, if it screws you over twice get rid of it!! Mine has never actively hidden itself lest I empty it further but it's only a matter of time....x

Sue Jordan said...

You are SO RIGHT Sharon!

That's it, it's gone, as soon as I've money in it to replace it, it's gone!