Friday, April 11, 2014

The Friday Chattery

We made it! Blahhdy Friday at last in one of the longest weeks since forever. 

We were at The Amazing Spiderman last night 'till late but, boy was it worth it. Aar has a full review on the way - watch out for that. 

Both Gorgebags are off to MCM Comic Con this weekend, Thanks to Warner Bros so I'll be chilling OUT with the muttley and the moggy, catching up on my shows - I'm old, aren't I? 

What's your plans for the weekend then? 

Let's chat! 


Unknown said...

well i will be graced with a birthday part and a visit from the mil * not to be confused with the sexy version that has a f at the end. this is the mother in law. so cleaning today and getting ready for nuggs 365 days on earth ;)
glad you liked spidy sue. if you get maleficent tix dont forget me ;)

Breedao said...

Morning all - what a beautiful morning! Babs has turned thank God so t-17 and counting - having the wimmin in the family over on Sunday for a bit of a do - definitely NOT a baby shower - have to try tidy up my garden before my mother comes - the house culls be falling down around my ears - dust bunnies tumbling merrily around and she would be blind to it - she won't miss the garden though :)

Sandy Beach said...

I like that - having to do the garden for your mother's visit.