Sunday, August 03, 2014

Cherry Pick of the Week: Sinéad O' Connor - Take Me To Church

For days now I've been certain that The Awesome Mix from Guardians of the Galaxy would be my bumper Pick of the Week with its feel good vibes and shoulder dancing tunes - 
then Sinéad released this. 

Take Me To Church is EXACTLY what a rousing love song should be. 

Brazen, uplifting and full of joy, this is a love song to herself that every one of us can take something from. 

Her anthemic chorus calls out the abusive echelons of the Catholic church and I couldn't love her more for it. 

Hit play there and fall in love with Sinéad and yourself all over again. 

Christ, she's cool. 

P.S. Keep an eye out 
for Sinéad's album cover
& press shots - her flawless 
makeup was created by good
beauty pal Leonard Daly!

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