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Things I'm Trialling - 18/08/14

I mentioned last week on Instagram that I'd be starting a new mini series called Things I'm Trialling. I'm a seriously lucky duck (& a hard shaggin' workin' one too) so each week sees a beauty influx of products to trial and review. 

Because of the sheer volume, I thought an easy way to make sure you're seeing more of the good stuff would be a weekly series. Each Monday I'll post an instagram pic of Things I'm Trialling, the following Monday will see a blog post with first impressions and speed reviews. What say we to that? Let's see, shall we? 

1. Pantene Dry Shampoo Volume Booster: £3.99 Here

The newest dry shampoo on the fit to bust block is Pantene. This is no ordinary powdery spray though. Being a fiend for the shampoo dodging tins, I can safely say this is one of my top OF ALL TIME. Pantene uses Tapioca starch to soak up excess oil, which means no scalp residue, no powdery finish and the ability to brush out with ease when needed. Use the night before needed for gorgeously scented, game changing results. 

2. Darphin Revitalizing Oil for Face, Body & Hair - Launches Sept (€29). 

Hydration is the name of the game with Darphin's The Revitalising Oil. One of the most comforting scents I've yet to try in an oil, it is comprised of 98% natural ingredients. The mixture of 4 essential oils and 9 precious plant oils that protect and nourish the skin and hair. Less is definitely more with this oil, with 5 drops being the recommended application. I softly press it on, massage it in and rub the slight excess through my hair. It's a high end oil with an affordable price. Fabulous. 

3. Physician's Formula Extreme Shimmer Strips - €8.56 Here

These Extreme Shimmer Sticks are just the last in a long line of bargains from iherb,com. Though the shimmer count is HIGH in these twistables, the formulation is still smooth and long lasting. While the purple is nowhere near as opaque as I would have hoped for, both the black & brown make up for it. Creamy and long lasting with barely noticeable shimmer on the eye, these are winners. 

4. YSL La Laque Couture Nail Lacquer in 53 Taupe Grain- €24 Here

From the Black Fetish collection, this YSL leather effect polish is one to wear this A/W. The dark taupe polish dries to a semi matte textured finish that'll have all and sundry asking what you're wearing. Ideal for tootsies as the weather changes, it's a winner for me. 

5.Clinique Chubby Sticks for Cheeks & Baby Tint for Lips €24 & €20

You'll find my full review for Clinique Chubby Sticks for Cheeks here, soft and nourishing, they're a winner for summer make up but might need a little setting powder should you be looking for long wear blush. 

The Baby Tints are sheer, moisturising balms that are said to work with your own chemistry to change colour on application. They're very subtle but very soft. Chubby Stick collectors will love 'em. 

6. Halle Berry Wild Essence - €19.99

With citrus notes, white flowers, sandalwood & patchouli all grounded with musk, I had high hopes for Wild Essence. It sounds like just my kind of scent, right? Unfortunately it just didn't grab me the way her Closer scent from last year did. That could be entirely my sniffer's fault though as it's already been plucked from my mitts by Adam's girlfriend who is already a quarter way through the bottle!

7.Rimmel Wonderf'full Mascara - €6.99 Here

The highly anticipated Rimmel Wonder'full mascara boasts Argan Oil in its formulation and promises smooth clump free lashes. Yep and yep. 

Though not one to reach for should you be looking for volume, Wonder'full does a mighty fine job of separating lashes and adding shine. Think the feathery effect of Clinique Lasting Power Mascara at a snip of the cost. It's not as long lasting as Clinique but at less than half the price it is more budget friendly. 

8.Aurelia Probiotic Serum - £47 Here

I picked up this ickle serum sample when chatting with the brands founder, Claire Vero in Space NK a couple of weeks back. This age prevention fluid is chock full of cruelty free, natural ingredients and antioxidants that pack a powerful punch. 

Though I find it doesn't sink in as easily as other serums, I've been adding just a drop to my daily moisturiser before foundation and have been LOVING the results. I'll have a full review up soon but do please check out this luxe and lust worthy brand. 

9.Ambre Solaire 1 Week Glow - €12.99 Here

Ambre Solaire's new 1 Week Glow gives me more like a 4 days of sun kissed skin ~ though knocks the socks of my favourite high end gradual facial tanners two and three times its price. Check it out sooner rather than later. 

10.Bia Beauty Mellow Mandarin Moisturiser - €16.95 Here

Oh I do love a bit of natural skincare and when that skincare is also Irish made, more's the better. This Mellow Mandarin Moisturiser is from Irish skincare brand Bia Beauty and couldn't be softer on stressed out skin. 

Blending Mandarin to combat sebum production, Calendula to nourish and repair damaged skin and sweet almond oil to soften skin naturally, this gentle, subtly scented moisturiser is an absolute gem. 

11.Origins GinZing Revitalizing Mineral Make-Up - €30 Here

I haven't always had great results with mineral make up in the past so was a little hesitant to put Origins new GinZing offering to the test. This ultra fine formulation is encased beneath a mesh so as to limit messy fallout and over release of product. It works just fine & dandy. Rice, Barley, Caffeine and mineral pigments work to create a mineral foundation that can be worn sheer or built up to achieve higher coverage. Not only did my skin not break out in protest but it truly glowed with this natural finish foundation.Brighter skin with zero shine - it's an Origins miracle!

So what say we? See anything that tickles your pickle? 

Be sure to check out today's Instagram pic to see the Things I'm Trialling this week coming!

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