Thursday, August 28, 2014

Things That Rustles My Jimmies

You came here for rustled jimmies - here they be: 

1. People That Wield Brollies Like Weapons

 photo umbrella-rage_zps1fd1aafd.gif

2. Realising My Water Bottle Has Been 
Open In My Bag All Along

 photo 1QJcU5j_zps81335e67.gif

3. Now Having To Switch On The Lights 
In The Morning

 photo YqqSwOz_zpsd5ddce6d.gif
4. Leaving the Pub Just In Time To See 
The Last Bus Bloster By
 photo TRHPS-UGH_zps86399e91.gif
5. Cursing Toddlers
 photo 3442723-4800565738-ace30_zpsefb9c05b.gif
C'est ca! My jimmies are once again ready for the week ahead. 
Tell us, what's been rustling yours? It's cathartic. Swear.