Monday, August 11, 2014

The Monday Chattery - #PPTexts - Is All PR Good PR?

It's a question asked again and again and this weekend was no different. 

Perpetual social media shysters Paddy Power this weekend displayed easily the most tweeted about text exchange #PPTEXTS. They would have us believe that 'Steve' met 'Jess' on a night in Dicey's and instead of 'Jess' he happened to be text the Irish bookmaker's infamous marketing team. Likely, right? 

What transpired over the course of the day was supposedly texts back and forth between the two, with the team asking for encouragement and ideas of how best to lead on the chap in question. If you haven't already, you can see the lot under the hashtag #PPTexts here

There's a lot to be said for brand engagement, sure, but something about this particular stunt left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't understand how Paddy Power creating a flash in the pan spectacle equates to more customers for them but something bothered me even more - the whole premise of this stunt was that the country, en masse, should have a laugh at the expense of a disillusioned chap just wanting to chat. How is that good PR? 

Even if it were true, that's pretty pissy, no? And if it isn't, we get that the marketing team are having a laugh at everyone that joined in, right? 

Did you watch it unfold on Saturday? Am I alone in thinking it was in really bad taste? 

Or did you like it? 

Has the internet broken me? 

Let's Chat!

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