Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Wednesday Chattery: Does Being Blonde Make a Difference?

I had the opportunity, as I often do, to catch up with a fellow blogging pal, Laura Kennedy, at a beauty event yesterday evening. We had a really interesting mini chat about how your hair affects the way people perceive/treat you. 

Our conversation was based on her having her glorious flowing extensions removed (initial post here) (follow up post here) and how she felt people perceived her with much longer hair. I empathised entirely as I had knee length blonde hair until I was 22. It does strange things to people. Seriously. 

It draws exponentially more attention. People want to touch your hair and almost feel they have a right to run their fingers through it or want you to wear it down so they can see it. It's the oddest thing. I absolutely noticed a difference in interactions with friends, family (AND strangers) once I had shorter hair and Laura did too. We can't both be crazy. 

Funny timing had this vid pop up from Buzzfeed at the same time, not so much about longer hair but about blonde versus dark and it's very interesting: 

My question is thus: Do people act differently towards you when your hair is different? Have you switched from light to dark and noticed a change? Long to short? 
Perhaps you've lightened up your locks and saw a difference? 

Let's Chat!

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