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July Faves ft Max Factor, Lancome, LORAC, Kiehl's, Dream Dots, L'Occitane, Vichy & Guardians of the Galaxy!

It feels like an age since I've done a beauty post on here, does it feel like an age to you? 

Quite possibly because I'm beautying up a storm over on the Dublin City Guide or bringing you sneak peeks of all things beauty over on Instagram but this little old corner of my world seems to be lacking in #bblogger posts - let's amend that, shall we? 

We'll kick it off with July Faves!

1. Max Factor Colour Elixir Glosses: €10.49 - Here

I intagrammed these beauties almost two months ago here and there has rarely been a day since that they've been further than an arms length away from me. 

Not only are they seriously high shine but they're non sticky and taste delicious too (v important). The range of colours means there's something to suit every skin tone and taste and for colour wusses, like me, the brights are a sheer yet vibrant delight. 
HIGHLY recommend. 

2. Lancome's Grandiose Mascara: €30 Here

I've shown you Lancome's Grandiose in action here and given it a full review here - spoiler alert - I am in the love. I'm still unsure if the swan necked wand is responsible, though I do have an interesting post coming up testing that theory, but whatever it is, it works. 

Fans of bigger, grander lashes will love this blacker than black formulation. It lifts, separates and gives more of a false lash effect than I've previously managed to garner from a tube. Even better? It holds the lash curl all day long without flaking or smudging. In. The. Love. 

3. Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix - $10 Here or online Here

You might have caught Aaron's 5 Cherry review of Guardians of the Galaxy here. If you haven't managed to see it yet, please do. We're planning on going again this week just to catch the lines the entire audience laughed over. 

Without doubt though, The Awesome Mix Volume 1 is the soundtrack of the year so far for me - it's also quite possibly entered my all time top ten. Shoulder dancing, hairbrush singing, CARaoke crooning and all round Awesome - you need these songs in your life!

4. LORAC Unzipped - $40 Here

While I try very hard not to describe eyeshadows as buttery, the ten mattes and shimmers in LORAC Unzipped are the Kerrygold of the eyeshadow world. Have you ever used a palette a couple of times and already known you'll be buying another? That's Unzipped for me. 

On our recent trip to London it was the only palette I brought. The minimal, lightweight packaging was one factor, sure, but the endless, effortless looks you can create with these colours are the real WOW factor. I can't count the amount of questions I've had asking about the shadow I'm wearing. It's LORAC, baby!

5. Lancome Golden Riviera Kabuki Brush: €35 Here

This two toned, densely packed, synthetic fibred, bevel cut Kabuki is easily the softest brush I've ever used. It's from the limited edition Golden Riviera collection though, so if you quite fancy the look of this one you'll have to be quick. 

I've been loving the airbrush effect I can achieve with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette using this brush all over my visage. The bevel cut means it works perfectly with the contours of the face for bronzer too. 

I actually look forward to using this each morning or to touch up in the evening. It's a little bit of luxury every day. We like daily luxury.   

6. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum: €21.99 Here

Newly packaged and reformulated, Vichy's Aqualia line has once more been brought to the fore of my stash as a skincare staple. An increased concentration of hyaluronic acid and a blend of three sugars to capture water in the skin makes this iteration a sensitive or oily OR NORMAL skinned lass's best pal. 

Lightweight and with lightening fast absorption I've been using the Aqualia Thermal Serum after exfoliation this past month and it honestly feels like a cool drink for my visage with lasting moisture. There's something very comforting about the slightly floral scent of the serum, even more so that it doesn't irritate the skin as some scented products can. It's a hydrating winner.

7. L'Occitane Aromachologie Revitalizing Body Scrub: Coming August

I don't normally include products that have yet to launch in my monthly favourites but the truth of the matter is, this scrub will be gone before it's launch date even dawns. 

Me waxing lyrical about L'Occitane scents will come as a surprise to no one but the contents of this jar genuinely stopped me in my tracks. The zingy smash of sugar, orange, grapefruit, mint, lemon and rosemary is nothing like you've inhaled before. 

Ideal for morning showers, this has me bright eyed and bushy tailed regardless of the hour and the silky soft sheen left behind means I can forgo body oil altogether. Hurry up and launch, Aromachologie, I need a refill!

8. Dream Dots: €14.99 Here

You might have seen Dream Dots pop up all over your social media feed of late as they've been enjoying an Irish PR boost. We were sent a pack a couple of weeks back but having been very lucky with the products I'm using of late, I hadn't needed to use them. 

Our plan was (and is) for Adam to give them a trial and give me the low down. Problem being, when I went to pull one out last week, it was the last one! The little git has used every single dot, bar one, without a word. His words now? 'They take the sting out and stop me picking' that's something, right? 

I managed to use the final dot myself, a mini Compeed lookalike, and whether it's fluke or not, I'm hugely impressed. I popped it on a hormonal Vesuvius on Sunday morning at 10am (I'm a rebel) and didn't think of it again until that night. I have to agree with Adam, the pain in my jaw was relieved, the spot itself reduced and the healing time cut significantly. We'll be picking up more for an in depth review but they're getting four thumbs up from us!

9. Kiehl's Creme De Corps: €19  or €53 Here

Speaking of luck with trialling skincare products, my poor old arms haven't fared so well. I'm going to do a full whinge post to explain exactly why Cane & Austin's Retexture Glycolic Treatment Lotion hates me so very much but suffice to say here that my KP hasn't flared as badly in probably 5-6 years. Suddenly I was back to long sleeves in summer time and feeling very self conscious in company. Blahhdy nightmare. 

That's why props go out this month to my all time holy grail Kiehl's Creme De Corps for literally saving my skin once more. Within days my arms had calmed down, skin had begun to heal and tiny bumps disappeared as balance was restored. LUV U, Kiehl's. LUV U LONG TIME. 

Tell me, what's been tickling your pickle in July? Hmmm?

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