Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday's Moments - 25/08/2014

It's Monday. I'm still not dressed. If that weren't enough to chase away my Monday blues how's about these apples: 

1. Suddenly Realising I Carried Over 
4 Days Leave From Last Year!  

 photo tumblr_mphxnocryJ1srognso1_500_zpsfe906417.gif

2. Receiving A Surprise Breville Blend Active in the Post With No Press Release Attached!

 photo tumblr_lm8w7kuXJX1ql141xo1_250_zpsc213bc60.gif

3. A Gal in Slimming World Class Last Week:
'I always try to encourage people on Facebook, 
I can't spell 'positive'
so I saved it to my dictionary to use' 

 photo tumblr_inline_naoxfr4A6y1sd8ifn_zps43c58e7a.gif

4. Aaron Brilliantly Acting As Our Roving Reporter Last Week When I Was Caught Up

 photo aengus-mac-grianna-reaction_zps6d248757.gif

5. Momma Getting The All Clear 
After a Hospital Scare

 photo lemon-greatestnews_zpse30231f2.gif

So tell me, people, what are your happy haps today? Share your Moments why don't you!

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