Friday, March 11, 2016

Allegiant - Movie Review

Who's In It?


What's It About?

Tris and her team escape Chicago only to find out there's a much bigger conspiracy, while civil war starts again in the city.

Any Good?

If I was to say one word about this movie it would be no. No to LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE THING anyone asks or says to do in this film, yet the characters do it. "Put down your guns" no. "Put your clothes in the incinerator" No. "Put your arm in the hole" NO!! The only person in the film to say no got knocked out, and that's it.

The film opens onto trials for crimes against the city by previous enforcers, in which one half demands execution and the other imprisonment, and that's when civil war starts again. I mean civil wars are never really a bright idea, but one group that fought and died to abolish the class system wants to bring it back less than a week later. 


Outside Chicago however it turns out there's a magic nano-invisibility field (????) protecting this super advanced institute, who just look oh so inviting. Inside the institute there's plenty of surprises that you'll never expect!! There's not much to be said about the acting other than what you expect from a movie that's basically Twilight level fanfiction of The Hunger Games, but Tris is actually an interesting character. 

I find her interesting because she's basically a more useless Frodo Baggins. While everyone else does important things, she only carries her burden - she's "pure", while literally everyone else in the world is "damaged"; until the last second when she miraculously has the skills to save the day.

Lately it may look like I hate movies and I only give out about them - but I don't, I love movies! It's just that some of the latest to come out are just plain stupid, this being top of the list so far; but that may be my fault for watching them. Don't waste your time unless you're into seeing a franchise fall further and further.


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