Friday, March 04, 2016

Truth - Movie Review

Who's In It?


What's It About?

When CBS reporters for 60 Minutes covered a story claiming George W. Bush had strings pulled to stop him serving in Vietnam, they must defend the story - and their jobs.

Any Good?

I was genuinely interested in this after Spotlight, but Truth is what Spotlight could have been if done wrong. For starters, the story is (12!!) years past relevance, except maybe that it's the American election coming soon.

There are no real likeable characters in this other than maybe Robert Redford as Dan Rather; the rest are something I like to call 'botox acting'. I say this because no matter the situation or character they always had this stupid forced smile on their face for some reason, and it gave a really smug air - especially from Cate Blanchett.

For some reason they opened the film with Cate Blanchett's character trying to get a job by telling the interviewer that she's building up a drug habit. When the interviewer accepts her anyway she goes on to list her journalistic accomplishments and accuse him of being scared of her radical feminism, when he had already hired her and she had NO reason to do either of those things. ALL WITH A FAKE SMILE ON HER FACE!

It set the tone for her character to say the most arbitrary things after matters are settled (while smiling) which is a waste because it's the only interesting character  worth talking about and Cate Blanchett is a great actress.

Truth is very much a film of two halves, one ending at around the 45 minute mark and another beginning around 50 minutes; the problem is neither of these halves are that good. After a long hour of nothing happening, the film suddenly rushes to the conclusion as if to meet it's nearly exact 2 hour time. I believe with a better script and pacing this film could be great, but as it is I'd pass on this one.


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