Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday's Moments ~ 21/03/16

It's probably just as well my Monday's Moments are written instead of vocalised because I'm fairly certain dogs would be cowering the streets right now. It's been a hugely exciting year 'round my way and the lifts just keep on coming. I'm a huge believer in gratitude paying a major role in the universe sending us more of the same, sure isn't that what this series is all about ~ as ever I'd love you to get involved, let me know what's the one Monday's Moment that you're grateful for? Wanna hear mine? 

1. Thanks to you lovely lot, I smashed 10K organic followers on Instagram! No sooner had I changed my bio to say thank you than the numbers continued to rocket and have now passed 10.4k - LIKE WHAAAAT?!

2. Celebrating my Birthday with not only close pals but with my eldest boy too. There was a Moment when sipping cocktails and breaking it on down to Nelly in 37 Dawson St that I looked at Aaron breaking it on down beside me and thought - Life. Is. Sweet. 

3. Our little Cillian marching in the 1916 St Patrick's Day parade. You'll see his gorgeous little mush on my Insta, thanks to Corrina (our Travel expert @StoneTravel). She designed all of the nibling's outfits and had four of her five little ones on parade. She's some woman for one woman!

4. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I was introduced to Gary Vee via Snapchat by Erika of Retro Flame a couple of weeks since. This 6 minute video had me hooked! As soon as I heard he was coming to Dublin I knew I had to hear him speak so I put myself out there and contacted Leading Social. Not only are they fans of what I do, not only were they excited to have me there but they've given me an interview with the man himself!! I'm beyond excited - be sure to follow along on Snapchat to see how we get on!

5. Being named as one of the Top 60 Beauty Snapchatters IN THE WORLD!! I'm very close to literally pinching myself over this one. I had to turn off my notifications on Friday as I just couldn't keep up. I haven't got the words right now to express what this means to me and for me but to every single one of you reading. Thank you. None of any of what I do would be possible without you checking in, having the chats and sharing what I do. You've changed my life. Our lives. You're all actual legends.

So tell us, what's the one Moment that means you've no 
Monday blues this week? 

Let's Chat!


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