Friday, March 25, 2016

Batman V Superman - Movie Review (NO SPOILERS)

Who's In It?

What's It About?

When Lex Luthor is denied access to kryptonite by a Congresswoman, he relies on The Bat of Gotham to kill Superman.

Any Good?

Remember back when Spider-Man 3 was out and people gave out about too many villains? Well we've come full circle and now have too many heroes.

While watching the film I couldn't shake the feeling that this is The Phantom Menace in comic movie form. The first 3/4 was slow, mostly uninteresting politics (and journalists disagreeing, oooh) with some great action scenes; while the last 1/4 was the great action you actually came to see.

Green Goblin, Sandman and Venom

I LOVED Ben Affleck's Batman, he was perfect as Frank Miller's version - an old and battered anti-hero who isn't some loved symbol, but an actually scary vigilante. The only real problem I had is HE. WON'T. STOP. KILLING. PEOPLE. Batman's literal only rule is broken about 18 times for no reason, and leaves no weight to anything he does. Ben Affleck's Batman > Christian Bale's, but Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne > Ben Affleck's.

Superman himself is just boring, most of what he does is mope around cause some court case is being brought up against him and his boss is giving out to him for writing about Batman - he's not Superman at all. Wonder Woman is pretty cool though, she really doesn't pull any swings of her sword and is one of the 2 interesting characters in the film. 

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was just the new Hollywood villain cliché of having an odd, creepy villain and that's all he is. While it is nice to not see Eisenberg as himself, his character doesn't suit Lex Luthor and would have made a great Riddler instead. 

Zach Snyder is not right for Superman films at all - maybe Batman, but he (literally) sucked the colour and life out of the character and left a brown muddy mess of sullen looks and moaning. A bloated first 3/4 makes the film boring, and when it comes to the comic-y characters and action it just feels out of place. I would recommend waiting to see the American R rated release on DVD/Blu-Ray, some of the scenes makes that sound very interesting.



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