Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clarins Enchanted Collection for Summer 2012

I mentioned in a Monday's Moments my encounter with the delectable Claude Defresne, Clarins' International Make Up Artist and all round dream boat so thought I'd give you a closer look at the collection that the evening was launching. Enchanted for Summer 2012. 

Inspired by the vivid colours and traditional beauty of India, Enchanted really does allow you to bring a little sunshine into your life even on the gloomiest of days. 

Bronzing Duo in Medium €33.04
I know I have waxed lyrical about NYCs Mosaic Wheel Bronzer being one of my go to bronzers but boy am I loving this Bronzing Duo. It's a Mineral Powder Compact that contains mineral-based SPF, white tea extract, crowberry, & vitamin E. The colours in the Medium offering are subtle with a barely detectable gold micro shimmer to give a luminous sun kissed look. There just isn't any comparison to the quality of Clarins when it comes to bronzers. 

There are two Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balms joining the collection, Crystal Violet (pictured) and Crystal Coral for €20.33. With an upgraded formula, these lip wonders offer the colour of a lipstick, the transparency of a gloss and the comfort of a balm. All that and this one tastes like blackcurrant jelly, no lie. It glides on smoothly and lasts for a good two hours before needing to be reapplied. Of course you could use your lip brush and to dip into the brightly coloured core and up your pinky, violet pay off but, for me, straight from the bullet is the perfect cherry pink tone. 

I mentioned Nude Dehli Colour Quench Lip Balm in my Coffee Kisser post last week such is my grá for it. Priced at €17.79 for 15ml, its not exactly pocket money friendly but I've used this divinely chocolatey flavoured, non stick balm every day for the past fortnight so will definitely be picking up its counterpart from the Enchanted collection, Jaipur Pink.

One of the three, stunningly packaged Collector eye palettes €35.58 

In addition to these beauties, as you can see from the press shot, there are two Kohl Kajal liners at €18.30 respectively that round out this collection.

With Clarins the quality and aesthetic of their packaging really lends itself to the luxe end of the scale. This Enchanted range certainly reflects that. I could see any piece of this collection making a stunning gift or make up kit essential.

Does anything from this collection pique your interest? 

By the by, I'll have a full review of 
up very soon. Adore. 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

So devo I missed that and Claude of course! The range looks lahffly dunnit? The bronzing duo looks like a little brown pillow of loveliness :)

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

This is dangerous- I've become a total clarins fanatic recently! Everything here has piqued my interest! Particularly the bronzer and the crystal lip balm. Actually, what's in the blue bottle in the photo at the top?

Unknown said...

Brilliant review Sue - your photos are fab! xo

Sue Jordan said...

Next tiiiiiime!

Sue Jordan said...

It's the Hydra Quench Intensive Serum, CeeCee and it's Be-yoo-ri-ful! I'll have a full review up very soon :)

Sue Jordan said...

Aw, Thanks, Em, that's really appreciated x

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

Brilliant! Looking forward to it, love your reviews!:-)