Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Daddy's Day Gifts that Make Scents

Daddy's Day is galloping toward us at a rate of knots (June 17th actually) and whether you're buying for your Daddy, GranDaddy, BabyDaddy or Sugah Daddy (my personal fave) I should have something over the next couple of weeks that'll take the hassle out of gift picking.

Today, I have the faithful smellies and these are three doozies too!

David Beckham Instinct Sport - €24
Hold your horses now, don't be so judgemental. I have to admit that, I too, scrunched up my nose when this buidéal arrived on my desk... but then I tried it. Tweeting that 'I've just spritzed this and now my own arm is arousing me'. No word of a lie, this is shockingly good from Mr Beckham. Billed as 'Exuding an energetic fusion of speed, action and focus', Instinct Sport is fairly bloody nice. With ginger ale, mandarin, violet leaves, ozone, geranium leaves, apple, cashmeran, patchouli and sandalwood, my youngest is smitten with this. 'It's a man's manly smell' apparently and thus suitable for Daddies everywhere, which are invariably men. 

Acqua Di Gio Essenza -  €51.33 (50ml); €74.50 (75ml)
Acqua Di Gio Essenza is a new woody, aquatic and fresh scent from Giorgio Armani. Described as a timeless and intense reinterpretation of the original, intensely carnal and sensual, Essenza is all those things and more. The 1996 original will always be one of my favourite ever colognes, this has all those markers with a fresh twist.

Again the youngest was the Quick Draw Mc Graw for this one, asking as he wafted his hands upward, sniffing himself like a sommelier sniffs a fine wine, 'Some smells are aphrodisiacs, right?'. Far from shouting at him for fugs of Lynx about the house, he can spray this one as often as he pleases. And that's very, very often. (I'll be replacing it for his birthday in July but do NOT tell him that)

For the record: This is 10 days CONTINUAL use. (He/we can't get enough)
Guess Seductive Homme - 50ml EDT €32.95 with free 200ml Shower Gel worth €18
30ml EDT €24.95 with free Deodorant Body Spray worth €18 
Striking me as a mix of both Guess Suede and Intense Euphoria, Guess Seductive Homme has top notes of mandarin, cardamom & pink pepper, middle of vanilla orchid, crushed violet leaves, vetiver and base notes of amber wood, creamy sandalwood, skin musk and patchouli. The scent is undeniably masculine, as the eldest said 'Using both the spray and the deodorant meant I had the fresh smell all day' also, worryingly 'It smells sexy, if you don't mind me saying, Mam'. I don't mind, as long as girls aren't telling you that, I'll mind even less!

While it's a beautifully shaped bottle, I may have gotten a lax sample as the lid refused to magnetise closed. If you do purchase I'd say just be careful not to pick it up by the lid but on the whole, we like it, also, there's great multi buy deals to be had for this masculine scent.

Anything here you think the Daddio in your life might like? 


InspirationBeauty said...

Oh dear, I had no idea that Father's day is so soon! And it's happening during my Leaving Cert, Ahh!
Hopefully my dad won't be too upset if we celebrate a few days later.. (the 19th, to be exact!)

FitznBitz said...

Sugah Daddy.... love it!!!

Sue Jordan said...

You're nearly there, Holly, best of luck with it!! xx

InspirationBeauty said...

Thank you Sue, just need to keep pushing through!