Friday, May 11, 2012

My Pick of This Week's Movie Rentals - 11/05

I know (and you know) it's Flicks on Friday here on le blog but to be brutally honest, I couldn't bring myself to head along to the Dark Shadows or Charlie Casanova screenings this week. I figure I've already seen Dark Shadows 7 times over at this stage and Charlie Casanova, billed as 'Like swallowing glass shards' left me less than enthused.

Instead I have my pick of the DVD/Blu Ray rentals available this week and a review from each. You know I'm all about saving you money, right?

Just Click through each selection (in order of mah preference) for their respective review and get ready to get your home made popcorn on!

(Who doesn't want to see Michael's three legs from the comfort of their own couch?)

Let me know if you've seen any of 'em but also if you've seen either Dark Shadows or Charlie Casanova and I've made a horrible mistake, yeah?

Happy Friday! 

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Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I must watch Shame again but this time not on the big hooge screen! Was v disappointed with Shirley Holmes but I think the clanger of the year so far was that loada me b*llix that was The Cold Light Of Day... Ah Henry, you made a filum that is the benchmark for all bad films to be compared to...

Jtac said...

Have seen Mission Impossible,Tower Heist and Shame.I thought Shame was going to be the best of them all and I actually enjoyed it the least.Even Fassbenders bits couldnt make up for it.I thought Tower Heist would be dreadful but was actually really funny.And Mission Impossible was really entertaining and Jeremy Renner is just gorgeous in it :-D