Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol - Review

Cruise, the best thing to happen to a hood since Ezio. 

Whos in it? 

Tom CruiseSimon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton

What's it about? 

All bets are off when the Kremlin is bombed and the IMF are implicated (Never liked those Guys). To avert nuclear war, Cruise and his newly assembled team have little choice but to accept the rogue mission in an attempt to clear their names and save the world. No biggie. 

Any Good? 

MI Ghost Protocol opens with Agent Ethan Hunt in a Russian prison, we have no notion how or why he's there but there isn't time to explain. Cue Benji (Pegg) and a slick, at times comic, prison break. By the by if Russian prison gives you the phenomenal grĂșaig that Tom is sporting I want in. 

The movie picks up pace quickly as the mission is explained. Action sequences are almost dream like and some utterly breathtaking. Once more Cruise has performed all of his own stunts and like him or no caps must be doffed. 

While the script is not razor sharp it is very funny, well as funny as foiling a super villain intent on worlds end can be. There are some real gems from Pegg and surprisingly from eye candy extraordinaire and Agent with a secret, Renner. The chemistry from the entire cast only helps to bolster this explosive action thriller. 

There are high tech- gadgets aplenty as we've come to love with Mission Impossibe, some that had my Road Safety hat twitching on my head, has to be said, GPS on your windscreen in a high speed pursuit = bad idea, buckling up before an intentional 100ft drop into concrete = good. 

Hanging out on set 

Brad Bird as the director here and Abrahms as producer have created a rip roaring action thriller that still flows beautifully. Cruise is back to his best, of not better and you'd be hard pressed to catch a better explosive spy thriller this year. (Tinker Tailor? Yawnsies)

Having shot over 25 minutes of the sequences in IMAX, MI Ghost Protocol could teach the 3D crowd a thing or two. Scenes are epic, bright and at times nerve shredding. 

Get yourselves to see this one. It's one of my top five of the year. 


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Rahul said...

Awesome Movie with some superb action sequences..specially in Dubai. Best part of the movie " Dubai Bhurj Khalifa " Action scenes in Multistorey Parking are also gud.. A Must Watch movie... Just don't even mention that you have seen Anil in movie.. If all his scenes are combined...timeline won't be reaching 3min