Friday, December 16, 2011

Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows - Review


Whos in it?

Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Jared Harris & Noomi Rapace

What's it about? 

Picking up where the first Sherlock movie leaves off, Game of Shadows is a Guy Ritchie stylised version of the classic. Watson is about to be married but Holmes' mind is on chasing the evil genius and would be War Lord, Moriarty. There are rumbles of war throughout Europe that are on the verge of explosion. Mystery, action and adventure abound as the investigating duo race against the clock to stop him. 

Any Good? 

Game of Shadows starts off slowly but certainly isn't short on action. Robert Downey Jnr, looking fantastic and Jude Law (who I don't hate in this) is affable enough as his trusty Watson.

The plot should be straightforward but is unfortunately a little convoluted in parts. I do appreciate Downey Jnr's efforts with the accent but the early scenes were a little laborious. Far too wordy for an action film.

Bobby Downey Jnr - The Benjamin Button of Movies

Fear not though, as once we pass the opening 20 minutes you're in for a treat. This Victorian game of cat and mouse thunders along nicely with intrigue and laughs aplenty. Not the least of which, a nudey Stephen Fry, sorry, Stephen. Followed closely by a heavily made up Holmes in drag, in fairness 16 hour makeup wasn't available in Victorian times, I'm guessing. 

Ritchie's working of this is probably the coolest thing about this film. The third person sequences that see Holmes foresee his course of action in slow motion are slick & well thought out, especially when they don't go to plan. There is a slowed down chase scene toward the end of the film that is so beautifully shot that it in itself deserves the price of the cinema ticket.

Unfortunately poor Noomi Rapace is completely forgettable in her role as the gypsy woman, Rachel McAdams in her early scenes made a much greater impression. 

The Ladies. Noomi, barely recognisable from her movie roles. source

If you liked the first Sherlock you will Love this. It's not the best I've seen this year but the cinematography is beautiful. Purists will be outraged at how far the material is removed from the original Holmes, but hey, this is the movies, stay home & reread the books if that's your thang. 


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Sarah said...

You could say this was the biggest pile of shite around and I would STILL go and see it to creep on RDJ. Fact. I'm glad it's good though!