Thursday, May 03, 2012

Vichy - Aqualia Thermal Light

A little while back I had the very real pleasure to be invited to meet with Vichy experts and skin care analysts. While there my skin was tested with one of the fanciest handheld machines I've yet to encounter in the world of beauty and my 'prescription' was made up.

Of the products recommended for my 'normal with a dry T zone tendency' skin, Aqualia Thermal Light was the one that excited me most. In a heavy weight, frosted blue jar, this lightly scented, easily absorbed cream has worked wonders for me.

After six week's use, there's still some goodness left.
I've found that a little goes a long way, although my skin isn't normally dry it has absorbed every last drop of Aqualia Thermal each time just like water. It leaves no greasy or shiny residue, just a soft, comfortable hydrated feeling that lasts throughout the day, even under my make up. The fresh, clean scent is exactly what I like from a face cream too.

What Vichy say: 

Aqualia Thermal Light combines Vichy Thermal Spa Water and a micro-encapsulated delivery system of Activ Hyaluronine to improve the diffusion of moisture into the surface of the epidermis. The skin feels replenished with water, as if continuously hydrated by misting micro-sprays. It feels refreshed and velvety soft, free of the sensation of tightness all day long.

If you've been suffering with tightness, dryness or the effects of harsh products (facial peels for example) Aqualia Thermal Light is the very cool drink of water that your skin will Thank you for. 

Available in all good pharmacies for €21.86 or online from McCabes