Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday's Moments - 21/05

Happy Monday one and all! Before I kick off, just a little announcement from Casa Cherry, from today I'll be posting twice a day. I've a huge backlog of nail tutorials, beauty bits, sneak peeks and reviews so hopefully this will be a way to step things up a notch. If there's anything in particular you'd like to see do please let me know. You could tweet me @ItsCherrySue or you could always drop me a line at the email address over there >>>>> I'm very rarely bitey and would love to hear from you!

But back to the task at hand, right?

1. OK, We're Both Like Me Da
Haring past St Stephen's Green the other evening I happened to notice a taxi pull up. I only noticed it because I could have sworn it was my father driving. It took a moment but my brain clicked that my Dad's elder brother is a cab driver so over I bounded to greet him. 

He stood out of the car and I lunged in with an attack hug, exclaiming 'Uncle Noel, howaya!' (it's been a while since I'd seen him). In hindsight I could have gotten a dig in the gullet for my efforts if he didn't recognise me at the last minute. 'Jaysus' says he 'It's so bloody good to see you, stop running round the place, you're like your Da!'. 'Eh, you're like me Da' says I 'No wait, you're like me Da's mini me'. How we chortled. There's nothing quite like someone launching at you from nowhere and proceeding to insult you now is there? Ah, families. 

2. Super Gran!

Courtesy of
Sitting outside the shop the other day waiting on the eldest I noticed an older lady leaving, laden down with bags. I wondered where her trolley was, surely someone could give her a hand? As she went through the car park I kept an eye, out of boredom more than anything. She was soon followed by an elderly gentleman with just as many bags. She had stopped beside a car and was waiting on him so I assumed he had the keys. 

When he took out the keys though, he didn't go to the car, instead to a little silver vespa parked beside it. Now I'm saying elderly, this couple were easily in their mid to late seventies, flat caps, pastel macs, the lot! The lady pulled off her woolly hat and pulled on her helmet and the chap did the same. They loaded up the scooter and spent about 10 minutes helping each other on and off they vroomed. I didn't even notice the eldest get back in the car I was so flabbergasted. Just raging I didn't get a pic of the Hells Angels!

3. Hang on, What?!

If you follow me on Twitter you'll have seen who the culprit for this atrocity on the Planner was, suffice to say it wasn't me. 

Moment 3 this week though, is the moment you realise your son is probably not wanting to watch a movie for the fire power. And also that he reckons you're the most unobservant mother on the planet. Nice try, child, nice try...

4. My Favourite Kind of Apology

Ooh neon half moon mani tutorial coming up later!

I had a little sit down with the gorgeous Fiona from The Works Communications yesterday to chat about a couple of things and basically catch up. I've been working with her for a little while now so am well used to her generous nature, or so I thought. 

She happened to be running a little late today so threw an apology gift into her mála but apology gifts don't come much more wow than this. I hadn't realised how seriously gorgeous Euphoria was until today. I'm sat here inhaling my scarf as I type. It's spicy, woody, sexiness in a bottle. I've also decided that for all future meetings I'll be hiding behind pillars and such in the hope that Fiona is never on time again. (You know I'm jesting)(I am!)

5.  Made My Day

A pic of the lovely spread from The BodyShop Ireland
I had the great opportunity to head along to The Body Shop's Beauty with Heart launch last week. As ever the girls were hugely inviting and made everyone feel at home. They had a seemingly never-ending supply of cream cakes and goodies that I successfully avoided until leaving time. At which point I was given several to bring with me. 

When I got back to the car there was an older lad sitting by the pay & display machine. He asked if I'd any change but I genuinely didn't. All I had was an armful of cream cakes, feeling like a sham I asked him if he fancied them instead. He told me he hadn't seen a coffee slice in years that his mother used to buy them for him. Said they'd made his week. I got to avoid horsing cream cakes and cheer someone up a bit at the same time? Win/win I'd say. 

Have you any happy haps you'd like to share? I'd love to hear 'em! 


Scarie said...

What lovely Monday moments!!!

boredmum said...

ha ha ha ha hells angels, i'd say that was some sight. Did your son really believe you wouldn't see that Programme on the planner, ha ha ha thats like something my hubbie wud do, Fair play to you for giving that fella the cream cakes,

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Great post flossy. I was telling the girls at work today about Nude Nuns with Big Guns and we fellllll around the place laughing hehe too feckin funny ;)

Sue Jordan said...

Cheers K :)

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks A :)

Sue Jordan said...

I will never let him forget it. Nevahhhh!!

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