Saturday, August 04, 2012

Buy ALL the Bargains! (Picture Heavy)

Fancy a sneak peek at what's fallen into my basket this fortnight and what'll be popping up for review in the coming weeks? Of course, it's a pay week and it's a Bank Holiday weekend and I totally needed them AND they're not even for me - they're absolutely for the blog. All sounds good, right? I'm almost convinced myself. Let's have a look: 

Maybelline MNY Lip Glosses: 6 for €9.99 - TK Maxx
These gorgeous glosses are all colours that I'll wear, I'm pretty surprised to see them sold in packaging like this in TK Maxx, considering they're from a recent Maybelline collection. I didn't argue however, just paid the lovely lady. 

Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat & Bangle Jangle Polish: €9.99 - TK Maxx
Whilst in TK Maxx, I also spotted these pretties on the way to the till. Considering this base coat is upward of €13 alone and the beautiful pastel mauve polish is upwards of €9, depending on where you shop, both for less than a tenner is seriously bargainous: for a nail nut like Moi, it's a no brainer. 

Revlon Lip Butter - Macaroon - €11.20 - Boots
I've made two purchase this week that are fully blempt on Karen LovelyGirlybits, she can't even deny it. I'm not a huge fan of Revlon Lip Butters as I've said but seeing her post about this shade last week I just couldn't NOT pick it up. See her post here - it's a doozy. 

Origins Modern Friction Dermabrasion - €44 (1 years worth!)
The second LovelyGirlyBits inspired purchase was Origins Modern Friction Dermabrasion. I had been searching for a new dermabrasion product for aeons but seeing Karen's post on this sealed the deal for me. Origins have a new section in Debenhams, Blanchardstown and since discovering them on Thursday, I've now visited them twice just to smell ALL the things. I'll have a full review of this up vay soon but just to say I used it last night for the first time and have spent the day appreciatively stroking my own cheek. In public. The shame. 

Catrice Precious Nectar - Coolibri Eyeshadow Pen - €3.29
From the new, Limited Edition Coolibri range, I picked up this eyeshadow pen in Precious Nectar. It's. Fabulous. Multi use and next to no pee, what's not to love?

Urban Decay - Naked - €34 (Not for the sample)(obvs)
This isn't technically a purchase but I did have the opportunity to try out Uban Decay's new Naked foundation today. I'm seriously impressed. It comes in 18 shades and is still picture perfect after 7 hours wear time. Expect a full review very soon. 

MAC SuperWatt Eyeshadow; €18
Coming from the new Electric Cool range, Superwatt is so much more than an eyeshadow. I'm thoroughly dissapointed with it in the pan but on the skin? It's. Stunning. 

Catrice Ginger & Fred: €3.79
 I've never owned a Catrice lippie before but just couldn't pass Ginger & Fred. It's a beautiful dusky deep pink with a golden microshimmer but is super soft on the lips. I loves it already. 

MAC New York Apple - FREE!
Probably my best bargain of the week, given that once I had finally chosen on this red based pink to join my kit, it turned out that they were no longer in stock. The wiley SA sliced off the tip of the bullet, cleaned the edges and handed it to little ol' me, free & clear, no charge,score! I'll be slicing the centre of this one to use with my lip brush. Love. 

Essence Better Late than Never: €1.29
The brightest raspberry/coral pink I've yet to see, there was hardly a blink before the decision was made on this purchase - 'Ave it!

Estée Lauder: Nouveau Riche - €20
I. Just. But. And........ Look at it, just look at it...

Urban Decay - Smoked Palette - €40
Yes I already have Naked 1 and 2 but I use them every single day. Smoked joining my collection never really was in question. I'm so excited to start playing with these super pigmented colours and putting together some go to looks.

*Aaaaand breathe*. As I've said these will all be making appearances over the coming weeks but if there's something you want to see sooner rather than later do please just let me know.

How about you? Have you picked up any bargains this week? I'd love to know...


Holly said...

Great purchases Sue! What TK Maxx did you go to? Must check it out ASAP!

Sue Jordan said...

Hi Holly, I got them in TK Maxx, Blanchardstown - they have some serious bargains. Polish heaven over there. Definitely worth checking out x

Holly said...

Oh I must remember that, I live quite far away from there, but last year my friends and I set out on an expedition to Blanchardstown shopping centre. I must organise to do that again this year!

Drea In Real Life said...

I'm tempted by the smoked palette, so very very tempted... Lovely Haul :)

Makeup Over Mind said...

Sweet holy Jebus Sue! I think my heart stopped! I think given my near-coronary you're kind of obligated to at least go halvesies! No? :( In any event I've had to console myself with one or two (or five) items from Cloud10Beauty! :)

Laura Larrie said...

I'm loving TK Maxx for make up bargains lately. You can find some amzazing find in it :)

Sara said...

This reads like my wish many beautiful products xx

Coco said...

You did fill your bucket darling!!I love all of your purchases, especially the smoked palette, the coolibri eyeshadow, the lipglosses pack, the mauve nailpolish. If you want to have a look at my weekend purchases, I'd love for you to visit my blog. kisses

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WEL JEL.

Need to have a rifle through a TK Maxx stat!

boredmum said...

OMG, sooooo jealous of that haul, i'm soooo skint lately after getting a lot of work done to our house and house insurance due tomorrow so no splurging for me, unless u count dealz putchases, they do rimmell and revlon and sally hanson for €1.49 bargain :)

Anonymous said...

I've only recently discovered Essie, in the form of Trillionails. It's really helping my horrible nails.

Great stash and that Buy All The Bargains pic is LOL!


LoCo said...

OOoooooo that is some haul. What do you think of the UD Smokey palette??
Is it worth it?

Nikki said...

WHAAT! I had NO idea that TK maxx did makeup!! Definitely popping them a visit next time I'm at blanch! :D THanks!