Friday, August 31, 2012

Introducing ParaNorman: An Awe Inspiring Featurette

I'm an unashamed lover of Coraline, so when I heard that the masterminds behind her creation were releasing another hand made, stop motion, 3D movie I was delighted. When I saw the trailers for ParaNorman even more so. 

Watching this featurette, however, takes my admiration for the Laika production team to a whole new level. The pain staking work that has gone into creating each and every miniature scene really is a wonder to behold. 

ParaNorman opened this summer in the States to unilaterally positive reviews and Irish cinemas this September 14th. I'll bring you little teasers such as this one on the run up, cos you gots to be as excited as I am to see it, you gots to!

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Unknown said...

Oh my god
I wanted to see this when i saw the first trailer, now I NEED to see it!!!!

Tinks_1983 said...

So excited for this! I love stop motion films.