Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quadruple Threat for Acne: Vichy Normaderm

A veritable Teen Dream, the kind folks at Vichy have made two teen gorgebags here at Casa Cherry very, very happy indeed. Vichy Normaderm Anti Imperfection Hydrating Care has just been joined by Normaderm's 3 in 1 Cleanser, Scrub and Mask in the acne fighting arsenal and when I say 'joined' I mean it's kicked everything else out of the running. 

I should add that these really aren't teen only products, quite the opposite but the tables have been turned since 3 in 1 arrived in our door a fortnight ago, the shaggers have hidden it ON ME! I'm forever peace mealing out the goods when it comes to products that really work but once they realised the effect this Normaderm dream team has had on their kissers, I haven't had a look in since. 

Normaderm 3in1 - €13.25
This 3in1 Cleanser, Scrub and Mask is made with Kaolin clay to draw imperfections from the skin, salicylic acid that works to minimise pores and buff the skin surface. Delicately (divinely) scented and alcohol/paraben/soap free this little doozy works on many levels to clean, clear and treat delicate and acne affected skin. 

Since I have normal skin, the youngest has combo/dry and the eldest has combo/oily (Understandable, since they're teens) I was very interested to see how this product would fare on each of us. We sat down en famile last week and applied it as a mask (it's non stop rock & roll here). Although we completely bewildered the poor dog, we astounded ourselves with just how well this performed in 5 minutes. Soft, supple skin all round and for the youngest a considerable reduction in redness and inflammation. Win/Win/Win. 

As a 3 in 1, it works brilliantly as a twice a week scrub, an every other day cleanser or a once a week mask. Truly, I'll be picking another tube up as, try as I might, I've yet to find their hidey hole and Momma wants to try it again. 

Vichy Normaderm Hydrating Care - €15.75
While Normaderm Hydrating Care really didn't like my kisser, it's a prime example of how differently a product can work with different skin types. Containing salicylic and glycolic acids which help control oil production and glycerine and silica to hydrate oily but dehydrated faces, Hydrating Care works to calm, mattify and approve the overall appearance of angry or blemish prone skin. 

Used after the 3 in 1, Hydrating Care drenches the skin in moisture, soaks in quickly and leaves no residue, only softer, calmer skin. The youngest's lovely visage hasn't looked better than it has in the past two weeks. 

Have you tried anything from the Normaderm range yet? And, more importantly, where do you reckon they've hidden the scrub?!


Unknown said...

I am actually ADDICTED to this stuff, I got it in the post and have been raving about it since first aplication- My skin is looking amazing and it is all down to the 3 in 1 wonder!!! Adore it.

Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

I am switching to this STAT.

boredmum said...

i'm absolutely dying to try this, i have been using the Normaderm Matt Moisturiser, but have run out, i would definately give both of these a go, they sound deadly, esp the 3 in one, By the way, check the cistern of the toilet, i betcha its in there lol

Anonymous said...

Vichy are always reliable with their skin care. You might look at Avene's Cleanance line for problem skin too.


Anonymous said...

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