Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Nuxe Nutri-Protecting Lip Care - Natural Crystal

As a huge fan of Nuxe and a huger fan of lip gloss I was thrilled to see this Nutri-Protecting Lip Gloss/Balm amongst the additions to the brands cosmetic range. Priced at €17, it's not cheap but I've yet to be dissapointed by a Nuxe offering so I gladly offered up my Laser card.

Containing mango, shea butters, sweet almond, vitamin E and sunflower oils, this balm/gloss hybrid is naturally nourishing and pampering for your lips. The texture is soft, comfortable, long lasting in no way sticky.

Although available in 4 shades, I opted for Natural Crystal, figuring I could use it's replenishing effects over lipsticks if necessary. It's a sheer golden colour with beautiful golden microshimmer.

Microshimmer in Nuxe Nutri-Protecting Lip Gloss

Almost entirely sheer!

Barely there colour wise but super soft on the lips

Of ALL THE GLOSSES that are in my possession right now, Nuxe is the one I'm reaching for most often. With an SPF 15, it's the perfect pick me up for dry or chapped lips but also for those just looking for a slick of gloss without colouring the lips.

My only niggle with this Nutro-Protector is the smell/taste. To me, it tastes like Holy Communion! I'm guessing that's due to the wheat proteins used to replenish your lips but it's happily a price I pay for a super soft kisser.

Come pay day I'll be picking up the Charismatic Red version, such is my grá for this. What say you? Have you tried any Nuxe lip treatments yet? 

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