Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Handy Dos & Don't for Tip Top Talons

I've been asked a couple of times about any nail tips for nail tips that I might have through emails, DMs and even for Prudence magazine last month so I thought I'd share the full article of my top tips that help me keep my nails in check. 

They're a couple of simple Do's & Don'ts that I've found have worked for me...

  • Eat well: Foods rich in zinc (such as nuts & seeds) are a healthy, natural way to good, strong nails. A decent multivitamin with VitB helps too. 
  • Keep your nails dry and clean: use gloves when doing dishes (if you can't avoid doing dishes). Wet nails have the tendency to become brittle and split. When washing hands, using a nail brush will kill unwanted bacteria, especially under longer nails.
  • Use Crystal or glass nail files: Emery boards pull and tear the nail causing splits and peeling but the finer grit on crystal/glass files is kinder and more effective on your nails. Always file in one direction at a time when shaping tips. You may have heard that this is an Old Wive's tale but Old Wives don't get lick their tales from the ground, y'know? 
  • Massage your nail beds and cuticles: This not only gives you healthy strong nails but also encourages growth. Use a nail oil or hand cream of your choice and massage your nails & hands at least once a day. Keeping a bottle on your desk in work or on a bedside lockers is a handy reminder to take up this helpful habit. 
  • Use nail polish: Contrary to popular belief, nail polish helps to keep your nails healthy and strong. If colour isn't your thing, a clear polish is enough to act as a strengthener and give your nails a buffed, manicured look.  

  • Bite! You know you shouldn't do it, right? Biting not only destroys the look of your fingers and nails but raises your probability of nail and dental infection. Using either a foul tasting top coat or an expensive polish can help to encourage you to stop. 
  • Use your nails as MacGyver tools: It can be tempting to take keys from key rings and scratch/poke at all manner of things but your nails aren't designed to put up with this abuse. It's a recipe for disaster. 
  • Pull at or bite cuticles & hang nailsUse a clippers to trim loose cuticles and hang nails, pulling or biting can tear the skin, causing bleeding and the inability to eat salt & vinegar crisps for days. Totally not worth it. 
  • Use polish remover that contains acetone more than once a week: If you're removing polish more than once a week, pick up some acetone free remover. Acetone, although effective is incredibly drying to nails
  • Peel or pick off polishes: Glitters are notoriously tempting to peel off as are the new Caviar manicures, when you peel your polish off though, you also peel off your top layer of nail, leaving them susceptible to cracking, peeling and breaking. Always be sure to have Shellac & Gellish manicures removed properly. (If you really have to get them in the first place). 
What do we think? Have you any handy (geddit?) hints or tips that you'd like to share? 


liloo said...

what a gorgeous manicure! I fancy this huile prodigieuse so bad. I would like to add my tip: leaving your nails bare for a while and get some sun actually helps brighten them a little. I didn't think it would but it does. I am guilty of the 'don't pick your polish' sin. oopsie
is it me or your template and banner have changed a little. me likey a lot!
case study looks very appealing to me! thank you for the heads up
liloo/@tsunimee xx

boredmum said...

cool, thanks for all the tips, i have mine filed right back at the moment, just got fed up of my nails breaking, so have them quite short, must get me soem of that OPI nail envy, i know u swear by it

Anonymous said...

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