Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday's Moments - 20/08

Can you believe it's almost September? Summer has whizzed by and the schools are back next week, MAD! This week has fairly kicked my ass but, as usual, there were highlights that have lifted my spirits and moments to chase the Monday Blues away, let's take a look, shall we?

1. The Old Switcheroo..

I mentioned one of my favourite methods of child torture a couple of weeks back - singing ridiculously catchy songs to the lads and waiting to see how long it takes them to sing it. It melts their heads and warms my cockles. 

This week, the eldest pulled an old switcheroo though. This song, a camped up version of The 4 Non Blondes, What's Up is one of the stupidest songs I've ever heard and still I'm stuck with it. Every time I entered the room he played it, every time I opened a text he'd sent me lyrics, my screensaver was set to He-Man shaking his booty - still I wouldn't admit defeat. When I was sat in a meeting on Wednesday I had to text him on the sly. 'It worked. You're dead'. 

2. Brekkie from Heaven

On Wednesday night the Sis, her pals and I stayed in The Dylan as part of her Dublin Horse Show prize. It included Champagne brekkie, hair and make up in Toni & Guy and a day in the Blossom Hill Suite at the show jumping. I'll be doing a little something with Toni & Guy soon so had to choose this as one of the moments of the week. 

The nicest brekkie I've eaten and there's been tough competition. Eggs Benedict á lá Dylan Hotel was the perfect 5 star end to a 5 star stay. If you're in Dublin and in need of a breakfast of Champions get yourself up to Eastmoreland Place and bring your stretchy pants!

3. Room with a View
Following brekkie in the hotel, we headed back up to our room to get dressed. While getting ready I had to Sally Hansen up my legs so headed out onto the balcony. I threw my foot up onto the window ledge to tan my legs under my dress, safe in the knowledge that the balcony wasn't overlooked. 

It was only when I was halfway through the second full, propped up leg and noticing the curtain twitch slightly that it dawned on me that we didn't have a window looking out onto the balcony!! I don't even think my feet hit the floor I ran back into the room so fast. Hey, hotel neighbourino, you're welcome. 

4. Oh That's Good Luck...

While stood for 20 minutes in the Post Office queue last week, the entire place was subjected to one of the most spoiled brats I've seen in a long while. She was about 7, pulled from her mother, pinching and slapping, whined that she wanted ice cream and every time she thought no one was looking she was winding the arms of her poor little brother in his buggy. 

There was much tutting and glaring from the queue, while her mother said absolutely nothing but to tell the poor little blighter in the buggy to shut up. Me no judgey but sweet jebus she (& her mother) made me grind my teeth. When I eventually got out the family were outside where Madam was squealing. She'd an enormous bird plop right on top of her head and was inconsolable. I know it's petty, I know it's wrong but that made me chuckle for the rest of the day. 

5. The Longest Night

I wasn't sure whether to share this moment or not but since it's been my moment of the year, maybe even of the decade, I reckon it's worth a mention. 

We had a little health scare with the youngest on Friday. It only came to light late on Friday night and was sorted by Saturday morning but that was one of the longest nights of my life (they've all been Adam related, believe it or not). We got to the Doctor's on Saturday and were told that everything's absolutely fine. I can't put the feeling of relief into words only to say that I may have aged 10 years this weekend... I'm sure hoping grey balayage is in for Autumn/Winter 2012. 

So tell me, what's made your day, your week or your month then? I do love to hear your happy haps. 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Ah me aul flower, you've been through the ringer over the weekend but ye came out the other side and you'll get through the next few months together en famille :)

I relished that story bout the little brat! Nowt makes me happier than a little b*ll*x getting their comeuppance, I'm terrible, this is why I'll never have kids!

S said...

There should be a warning not to click that video, I can still hear it and I stopped it 30 seconds in!! Good enough for little miss bird poo, there were two children running around Aldi last week and a bird or two wouldn't have gone amiss! Glad everything's ok with youngest, they are never too old to make your heart go out through your eyebrows with worry. Big hugs and mind yourself xx

JoaneP @ The Convenient Beauty said...

Such a fun post. Even though I'm not a cleaning freak, I have an obsession to clean on a schedule. If I don't, I feel unease. So when the hubby our lawn thoroughly and I cleaned the whole house inside, I felt happy. We then hopped into the car for a nice seafood dinner under the rain. It wasn't as romantic as it sounded but the food was to die for.

By the way, call me crazy but I can feel your motherly writing before I read your "about me". Have a great week! xxx

boredmum said...

Please tell your son that, that song is now stuck in my head, thank you very much...... ggrrrrr i hate it.

Hope the youngest is ok, you never ever stop worrying about them, i swear since my youngest was born i have gone grey, he is a divil, so unlike his big bro

Our high point this week was meeting Niall Horan from One Direction, my little man aboslutely loves one Direction, he was home last week for the homecoming of Olympic Silver Medalist John Joe Nevin, they are both from my home town of Mullingar, Unfortunately Bressie couldn't make it, :(

PMSL at that little Girl, lol