Thursday, August 09, 2012

BodyShop Sweet Lemon Body Butter & Shower Gel: Citrus Heaven

You might have noticed that, despite our Summer never fully showing up, it's hella muggy out there. After a long day in the humidity, or even a long night crocodile rolling in your sheets these Sweet Lemon offerings from The BodyShop are the perfect citrus zing to help refresh and revitalise. 

Sweet Lemon Shower Gel - €8.95
This soap free shower gel has been an instant hit when it arrived for review here at Casa Cherry, I didn't think there'd ever be as popular a product as Chocomania but I was lucky to get these pictures last week as the bottle is already half vanished! Super zesty and smelling remarkably like fresh lemons, despite my reservations, Sweet Lemon Shower Gel is a definite winner with us. 

A lot of citrus scents can seem synthetic or overly sharp, not so with this, there's a sweet base note, I'm sure from the honey used that really rounds out the fragrance. It lathers slightly and the gorgeous lemony scent stays with you long after its use. 

Sweet Lemon Body Butter - €18.90

Made with Fair Trade Shea Butter, this zesty, rich body butter melts into your skin leaving it beautifully moisturised with no film or greasy residue. I've been using this after the shower gel above to keep the scent with me right through the day and it's working a charm.

I'd recommend this rich butter for normal to dry skin but if you're skin is super dry, I'd urge you toward one of the more moisturising butters (Shea Butter for example). As an everyday body moisturiser to combat the mugginess? This is poifect!

Pink Grapefruit has always been one of my favourite citrus scents but it's been joined by Sweet Lemon as of this week. It just makes me all the more keen to try the others.

Are you a lover of the lemon? Have you tried this yet?

PS, Citrus Lovers, check out's gorgeous Lime Scrubbers


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Lovely juicy pics Sue

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