Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stila in the light: Eye Shadow Palette

I told you about Stila setting up shop in the lovely Harvey Nichols last week, it was and is music to the ears of Irish beauty lovers the country over. While at the launch though, I managed to get my hands on the Stila in the Light palette. A neutral delight that I was sure would fit right in round here at Casa Cherry. Wanna see some swatches? 

Bare is a yellow toned, matte cream, ideal as a base colour and as a blending aid for smokey eyes. 

Kitten reminds me a lot of Side Car from Urban Decay. It's a bright gold taupe shimmer with a creamy soft formulation. Beautiful for highlighting as well as a wash of shadow in its own. 

Bliss is a pink toned beige matte, again great as a base or a blending shadow. I've also worn this one on its own for a muted eye look with a stronger lip. 

Sunset is a rich creamy copper, it applies beautifully with just one swatch. I've been using this under the eye for an autumnal shadow look this past couple of weeks. 

Sandstone is a creamy matte brown with surprising lasting ability. It doubles very easily as a liner should you want a softer look. 

Bubbly is a bright gold, silky soft and full of shimmer. There's almost a wet to the touch texture with this shade that lends itself well to staying power for a night out. Another gorgeous highlighter too. 

Gilded Gold is probably my only let down of this palette. In the pan it's a deep russet brown with golden shimmer but the colour pay off is wojus. The above swatch is wet and still it's not up to much. Pity. 

Luster is a deep taupe with a slate grey undertone, there's pink and gold microshimmer here but still it's soft and malleable. 

Night Sky is probably my favourite shade of the lot. A blue grey with silver shimmer in the pan, it transforms to a stunning purple, silver iridescent shade. Love. 

Finally, Ebony is a charcoal black matte, perfect as a liner or a base for a smoulderingly smokey eye. 

Also featured in the palette is a waterproof smudgestick eyeliner in Damsel. It's twistable uppable (technical term) and incredibly soft. Once in place it's smudgeable (another term) for up to a minute before it sets in place. 

In the Light is €32.60 from the Harvey Nics Stila counter, sound like something you might like? 


B Parlor said...

ohh I am so loving this palette.... it is so amazing

I am your new follower. It will be fun if you will follow me back

hugs & kisses

flabbyface said...

I bought this palette last week and i've used it everyday. Brilliant colours that mix well together and blend so smoothly.
I'm glad you're a fan also.
Great swatches.

Rads said...

I think I got a sampler of this palette with a Sephora order...should search that out. The swatches look awesome!