Thursday, November 29, 2012

Count Down to Christmas: Top Advent Calendars

There really is no denying it at we enter the penultimate day of November, Christmas is haring toward us at breakneck speed. For my entire childhood I would love these couple of days because it meant that we'd begin to open doors on the advent calendar my Aunt had sent home from New York. (we were fierce fancy back then). There's nothing like peeling back the first door to get the Christmas spirit going. 

Nowadays there's a billion and one options when it comes to Advent Calendars and savvy brands have cottoned on that there's still a wee child in each of us that loves the thrill of opening a little door a day for a surprise. I've put together some of my faves this year: 

Liz Earle's 24 Days of Christmas
24 Days of Christmas with Liz Earle: €120.50
The most expensive of the lot is 24 Days of Christmas from Liz Earle. Containing 24 luxury samples of skincare to bodycare. If you want a sneak peek at contents you could check out Karen's post here (not advisable if you don't want to be filled with NEED). It's a gorgeous collection and would make a stunning gift for someone special. 

L'Oreal Luxe 

L'Oreal Luxe: €100
This luxury offering from L'Oreal boasts not only designer fragrances but luxury sized samples of mascara, lip gloss, skincare, serums and more. It's an absolute cracker. 

Ciaté Mini Mani Month

Ciaté Mini Mani Month: €50
Words cannot express how much I want to get my mitts on this beauty. Ridiculous scheduling for the past 3 weeks has meant that I haven't had a minute to get into Arnott's Dublin, who have Irish exclusivity, to bag my own. Priced at €50 and boasting 24 mini polishes that's only slightly over €2 a bottle and the chance to rock a different talon look a day this December. Genius I tells ya!

The Ol' Reliable Cadbury

Cadbury's Wishes Advent Calendar: €3.89

Of course if the purse strings and present buying aren't allowing you to afford the bountiful beauty versions, there's always the ol' reliable, chocolate. This year Cadbury's have teamed up with the Make a Wish Ireland, who grant the wishes of children in Ireland living with life-threatening medical conditions, to release the Wishes Advent Calendar. 10% of all sales go directly to the charity. That's guilt free chocolate in anyone's book!

Do you buy Advent calendars? Tempted by the beauty versions this year? 


S said...

The Ciate one is a great idea, not a bad price at all either! I always forget a couple days of the chocolate advent calendars then end up opening the baby jesus window around the 14th...

Unknown said...

Lego advent calendar. there is no other calendar better.

Anna said...

Ohh my! I had no idea there were beauty advent calendars! Thanks for opening my eyes to a whole new world! I'll have to look into these this season...


Breige said...

I really wanted that Ciate calendar!

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