Monday, April 08, 2013

Monday's Moments: 08/04/13

Monday you sly old dog sneaking up on us like this. How was everyone's weekend then? Ours was spent babysitting 4 loony tune nieces and nephews (all under 6) so was pretty much a whirlwind but we survived, more importantly they survived, so there's that. 

How about some Moments, eh? 

1. Bargainzzz in Dealzzz  

The nail look I posted on Friday came courtesy of that neon lovely in the top right there. I'm not one for visiting Dealz (the bargain basement walk round) but that's only because I become convince that I need ALL the things for €1.49 and end up spending a forch. 

This neon nail art pen was a fantastic find though, I've paid almost ten times that for nail pens when it's a colour I want so finding this and ahem several others was positively thrilling! 

2. Cherry Cayootness

I mentioned on Facebook during the week that I'd skipped an afternoon Starbucks and picked up two packs of 9 dinky earrings for just €3 each in Penney's instead. 

The following evening my very thoughtful Aunt arrived with this doozy. An earring holder in my favourite shape. I couldn't find something like this if I tried with all my might! Just gotta get me a new dresser to store this cuteness on now. Props to you, Aunty Mary!

3. Mini Manis FTW

During our weekend of babysitting the girls (6) and I decided to have a mani party to test out some new polishes. 

Aoife adores all things girly while her twin, Orla is nuts about Superheros. We ended up with two very happy campers. Nothing delights me more than to see their little faces light up when I can do something nice for them. Aoife was so thrilled that she made this picture of me. IMAGE!

4. Dark Skies, Darker Sense of Humour!

What we have here is the exact reason Aaron was beaten around the head with a cushion while we were on babysitting duty. 

You see we'd been to see Dark Skies the night before, in which all of the freaky children that had been visited by aliens had drawn pictures all along. Well Boyo thought it'd be hilarious to draw this on the sly and hide it in the girls' drawings without saying a word. SLAPS!!!

5. Saturday Link Love

Moment five is a little bit different this week. As of January this little ol' blog has been reaching the astonishing heights of 45,000 views per month!! I've been completely overwhelmed each time I reach a personal goal but this one just feels a little bit special. 

To celebrate I'd like to share the love and the wonderful audience and introduce a new series of posts on Saturdays called 'Saturday Link Love'. Each Saturday I'll post a topic: nails, hair care etc then any and all followers can link up one of their posts that fits (or indeed a favourite from another blog if they're not blogging personally) and I'll include them with a direct back link in the body of the post. 

Hopefully it’ll be a showcase of some of the best postings out there so we can all readily find hints, tips and great new blogs to follow. Sounds good, right? 

Let me know what's been chasing away your Monday Blues this week, I'm always thrilled to get a little snippet into your silver linings too. 

Happy Monday, everyone!


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I want to see Dark Skies but you know me, would it be too scary for me?

Well done on the statistical success!

Unknown said...

Congrats on all the views, its well deserved :)

Anonymous said...

Your boys NEED to get a vlog channel!

Unknown said...

Well done cherry lady ;)

Unknown said...

Congrats miss Cherry :)

Icaria said...

Oh my congrats!!! This my 1st visit, linked from Twitter. Great idea! I enjoy linking back to other blogs, it's nice to share the love. :)

Sue Jordan said...

Waaay too scaredy, hold on till it's on DVD and then you can run screaming from the tellybox!

Also Thanks! :)

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks so much Có, wouldn't be possible if lovelies weren't reading x

Sue Jordan said...

I've told them! They won't listen - may need a different tack...

Sue Jordan said...

Why Thankies, Magaluf :D

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks, A, hope you're feeling better! x

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks so much Icaria, it's all about sharing the love I think :D

Unknown said...

Congrats lady that's fab news and well deserved xo