Monday, September 02, 2013

Monday's Moments: 02/09/13

Hai and welcome to September! So all of you lovely Americans are having a long weekend, eh? I'm pretty sure you're set on Moments to chase away the Monday Blues then. The rest of us though? We'll take all the help we can get, right? 

Here's my five and, as ever, do please share your happy happenings and Monday's Moments in the comments, tis so lovely to see 'em...

1. Sweet Relief
As some of you will know, because I've been housebound, online and lamenting the fact, I slipped a disc in my back last Monday. No notion how I did it, only to say that I've been through a drug free labour and suffered several months of gallstones and ALL of that would be preferable to this. 

Of course I'm chewing all the tablets the doc has prescribed but it was only when the always hilarious & very lovely Rosanne of suggested these badboys that I actually felt some relief. Air activated and toasty hot for 16 hours, the ease of pressure with these is immense and should you ever, EVER need help with back pain, you NEED these in yo' life. Cheers R!

2. Chalk it Down

In my new upended turtle status, I was needing a little help during the week. Having winced in the shower for 10 minutes I asked the youngest to help brush my grúaig, only because I couldn't reach right back. 

'No problem, Mam, it's the 30th of August' he said, picking up the brush. 'So?'.. 'So you'll need the date when you're writing this into your will'... This was pretty much my reaction, hair an' all! (Yes, he was jesting. No he didn't suffer any serious concussion).

3. Night of the Living Debs

Saturday night saw the most exciting event for us this year, that handsome young chap (I don't call him a Gorgebag for nathin') had his Debs. 

Doesn't he scrub up well? I think I was most proud when he left the house first as his date (Linda) arrived to greet her and her parents. He shook her Mam & Dad by the hand and told Linda she looked beautiful. Boy's got manners, yo! *beams with pride*

4. Cherry Pick is a Toddler Hit!

There are some tweets that make me go 'Awww' instantly and this lovely one from @office_Mum today was definitely one of them. 

Apparently her little dude shares my moosical taste and managed to get a boogie in of a Sunday, while his Mum was checking out my Cherry Pick of the Week. D'awww :')

5. Moar Silver Linings

Last up this week is the Moment that I realised even though I'm resembling the Wreck of the Hesperus right now, it means I have time on my hands. Time to plot and plan and shape things up 'round this here blog. I've been plagued with tech gremlins of late but hopefully this week will see a turnaround, while I'm static and brimming with ideas. 

First up I'm planning a Take 3 series (two per week), where we take a squizz at the top three products that have been knocking my socks off, figuratively speaking, in each beauty category. Watch out for A/W foundations and coloured eyeliners this week and be sure to tell me which posts you'd like to see first - if you're considering a purchase say. Links in the comments will be welcomed - I reckon it'll be a great way to see what everyone's loving.

And c'est ca, the Moments that are keeping me afloat and helping me sail through this Monday (those and the meds). Have a great week, peeps and do be sure to share what's good with you, right now!


Anonymous said...

Ooh suck, your poor back! Hope you get better soon!

Let's see, did anything cheery happen today. Hmm... well, I made something cheery happen by making an apple and pear crumble. Time to get it out of the oven, actually.

Catherine said...

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