Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Pancake Tuesday Chattery

Let's not mess about here and get straight down to brass tacks - How do you take your pancakes? 

I'm a banana & nutella kinda gal (lemon & sugar when I've filled up on those) but there's so many choices!

Will you be partaking in the annual batter beating this year? 

Anything else on your mind? 

Let's Chat!


Felicity said...

Lived too long with the Ma to do anything other than butter, caster sugar and cinnamon. Nom nom nom.

Still prefer potato apple bread to pancakes though ;)

Breedao said...

Morning - not big into them since I had two hounds of sons who would eat 6 or more each - the girls weren't far begging them - used to have two pans on the go - by the time they were were finished I would have one and I was good!