Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Unsung Beauty Heroes - Products I Rely on So Much That They Fly Below the Radar

Reliable Products - Kiss Nail Pain - Aquafresh Extreme Clean - Loreal Elnett - Seche Vite - Bourjois Rainbow Glitter - Johsons and Johnsons Baby Oil - Boots Cotton Pads - Rich Haircare - Estee Lauder Sensous

While I love to share the latest goss about the newest product and what's coming down the beauty tracks, it struck me this week that there a lot of perennial products that I am literally never without. The Unsung Heroes that rarely get a mention but woe betide me if they're not in supply for everyday living. Ready for my repeat purchases? 

Yep, I'm a fiend for nail art, yep, there's rarely a day that I don't have painted talons and/or have experimented with a new design. These Kiss Nail Paint Stripers will set you back just €7ish in Dunnes Stores and make it into my basket, probably once every two months. 

There's not many nail looks I don't use them for and you shouldn't either. Cheap as chips and a nail stash staple. I can't be the only die hard fan. 

I'm fairly particular when it comes to our gnashers and despite veering off course a couple of times, it's been at least 10 solid years that Aquafresh Extreme Clean with Whitening has been a favourite in Casa Cherry. 

One of the few (the other 8 listed are the others) items that I'll bulk buy in Boots 3 for 2 or when there's Points specials on, you can be guaranteed there's at least two tubes of this minty fresh toothpaste under our sink at all times. At least two. 

This love goes back to way before Cherdill Cole ever claimed 'Wai I'm Worth IT'. Elnett is the first hairspray I ever used (as it was pilfered from my Momma for my 90's 'bump' way back when. 

There's a reason products like Elnett have been around for aeons and that's because the suckers work. Regardless of the hair care fanceries I have floating about the place, there'll always be a tin of Elnett. Always. 

Since my discovery of Seche Vite several years ago, no high shine top coat has ever come close. Yes, it goes gloopy and Hell YES that's a real pain in the bum but regardless of short life span, shrinkage issues and high cost on this Island, I won't be without this whizz. 

There is literally nothing that will give you the high shine Seche Vite will, NOTHING, believe me, I've tried and I've taken to bulk ordering from eBay for my fix but whether it's quick drying or mani rejuvenation you're after, Seche Vite is the best. Hands down. 

Granted my nail polish stash wouldn't be out of place on Hoarders and that fact doesn't stop me perusing the polish aisles of Boots every time I'm in - there's only one glitter that I will repurchase time and again once it runs low. 

Bourjois Glitter 1 Seconde is a holo glitter in a translucent pink jelly that sparkly dreams are made of. No other polish will give you this glitter payoff, look effortlessly pretty over a French or breathe new life into a boring polish job. If you haven't tried this - Do. 

Right at this moment there is perhaps 5 bottles of this oily baby in our bathroom. The go to oil to rub into damp skin before towel drying and proper moisturising, I taught the Gorgebags this soft skin trick many moons ago. 

Even if I don't have time or inclination to use a body butter/lotion (in pre Disco Nap showers for instance) the baby oil always makes an appearance. I can't be the only one still hooked on this practice? 

This is a standard repeat purchase right? It has to be, I don't know anyone that doesn't stock up on Boosts Cotton Pads when there's a deal on (that's ALWAYS). From micellar water usage to cleaning my talons, there's something a little luxurious to me about this humongous cotton numbers. 

Of all the haircare goodies I get to trial and those I'm suckered into shelling out for too (J'accuse Moroccan Oil!) Rich Haircare's Silk Oil Serum is the only consistent we've known for the past five years. 

Stupidly affordable for the quality of product, the three of this run this through damp hair before drying. I'd honestly credit it with my lack of split ends #humblebrag #notsorry. I only need to replace this probably once every 6 months as only the tiniest amount is needed but I love it. We love it. It's love. 

Since its introduction in 2008, I have never not had a bottle of Estée Lauder Sensuous to hand. My staple airport purchase, pressie request and signature scent, I love this fragrance like no other. 

At a recent meeting I bemoaned the fact that the new EL scent, Modern Muse, was completely lost on me. I smell the scent and get nothing, nada, zilch but the expert in question told me that that means that's my fragrance?! Have you ever heard such jiggery pokery? Truly I wear a scent that I enjoy so that I can enjoy it, one that makes me feel good and brightens my mood with just one spritz. Sensuous is all that and then some. We won't be breaking up anytime soon. 

So now that I've shared, wrack your brain and tell me, what products do you rely on and love repeatedly in everyday life? Something so part of your routine now that it becomes second nature and flies below your beauty radar as it's just part of your life - Tell us!!


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I can't live without a good stash of cotton wool pads!