Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Feeling Handsy?

I'm a fiend for mah nails, we all know this yes? If not check out that Nails tab above y'all!

Although I like to keep my talons short for work (snoresville) they're fairly kick ass for strength & are easily growable.

I put this down, for the most part, to a top from the Mamito to always use hand cream & massage the base of your nails. If you do this when your watching TV or before your mani I guarantee you will see the difference in a week or two. I'm not talking Worried Granny level of wringing hands but just when you think of it. Keep a tube in your desk, by the pc, pop one in your mála. Within hands reach (geddit?)

To that end I have 3 favourites when it comes to hand cream loveliness:

Fleur Chérie from L' Occitane is enriched with grape seed oil and shea butter, it has a heady perfume that's not to everyone's taste but I loves it. This is my desk essential, it soaks in quickly and leaves your skin beautifully scented. This 30ml is €12.99 from L'Occitane in Dundrum (& countless other outlets). Well worth the price. The staff in the Dundrum shop are so helpful, apart from opening night when i asked the SA how to properly pronounce the name: 'Lo-K-Ih-Tan-Ye' says she, 'Look it up on the 'You-Tubey'. 

I'm a big fan of Sally Hansen and her nailish wisdom. This citrussy scented delight I picked up for €7.99 in Boots. It has pride of place in my nail tote (yes I have a tote). It smooths cuticles and nourishes your hands beautifully. It has been my number one for quite some time and has meant that I've not needed a cuticle oil for months now. If your hands are slightly rough or you suffer from dry cuticles this is almost miraculous. Get on it. 

Other naily favourites, prepare to be blown out of the uisce! Roger & Gallet have released THE most divine hand cream I've used so far. You don't need much more than Mange Tout, Rodders, Mange Tout understanding of the language to get that Créme Sublime Bois D'Orange is a sublime, creamy, orange scented delight. As an oil & water emulsion is glides on beautifully, scents the skin delicately and is only malliable long enough to allow massage of the nail beds before you skin drinks every drop in. Can't blame you skin.

Belying its €9 price tag, this is a beautiful addition to your nail care ritual or indeed a thoughtful treat for the ladies in your life. I know my momma will be getting one. Sssh.

What do you use for your mitts then? Anything?

Point of order Ceann Comhairle:
Créme Sublime was sent from the ever lovely Paula, 
the brand's Irish PR Rep. That in no way detracts from its fabulousness, K? *strokes hands Monty Burns style*


Unknown said...

Completely agree - loving the Roger & Gallet cream x

Dollyrouge said...

yay cant wait to try the R&G. One of my favs is Burts Bees hand salve; its packed full of lovely smelling oils

Emma said...

I love Fleur Cherie, it reminds me of being in Paris :)

Unknown said...

I think your right when I put cream on my hands and nails they get so strong I am like wolverine