Thursday, October 06, 2011

My Picks from Essence & Catrice

Following on from Karen's outstanding dupe find for Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe over on Lovely Girlie Bits I had to hot foot it to Dunnes to check it out. Had to.

Both Essence and Catrice have some fab offerings on the stands right now for €2.69 and €1.29 respectively. Rude.Not. To.

Fancy a goo?

Blues Brother Vol. ll. A deep royal navy with bright blue shimmer.

Marylin & Me. A sumptuous red with bright micro red glitter. The perfect Crimbo season polish.

After Eight. An intense black, grey, teal metallic with more than a sniff of Chanel Black Pearl!

High Spirits is a light khaki with silverish sheen. Vay understated. 

Let's Get Lost. A bright, bright blue, really beautiful in real life. 

Just in Case is a bronzey, brown metallic. Can be built up for a deeper colour. 

Sure Azure is a pastel sky blue with a whitish/silver sheen. Will be featuring in upcoming NOTD, folks!

In Style is navy, teal metallic. Much like Catrice's After Eight but different enough to make me part with €1.29. It might be my favourite of the whole bunch.

Time for Romance is a raspberry pink semi tranluscent with hexagonal & micro pink glitters. Beautiful alone or over pinks e.g. Sally Hansen Raisin the Bar (above). 

Finally the polish that I came for. Blue Addicted is the Deborah Lippmann dupe. A transluscent blue with blue  & green hexagonal & micro glitters. Would be perfect for a Galaxy mani, non?

Anything tickle your fancy? 


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Love. Them. All. Marilyn & Me will be mine, as will After Eight, High Spirits, Sure Azure. They're too gorge not to pick up esp at that price innit?

cornflakegirl said...

I already have a couple of the Essence ones but I want the rest of them and I want them now, they're all fab.

Breige said...

I just got the Marilyn and Me one last week! I love Catrice nail varnish!!

Sue Jordan said...

Just added In Style too, I left so many behind because my vasssht collection has alternatives but I'm loving their work. Collectively.

Also, you're an enabler! A not gone to bed yet enabler. K? :P

Shelleyti said...

Did you buy all them polishes in one go?!? :) I quite like the look of High Spirits and After Eight (note onto my phone cos I won't remember next time I'm next to a stand cos I'm stuck in the country!)

Sue Jordan said...

Very bold Shelly but, but they're for nuthin!

Total for these was €17, that's less than one chippy Chanel :)

I'm justified & I'm ancient :P

Aoife said...

Yay I bought Blues Bros II and Marylin and Me. They're gorgeous. The blue is fab. It kept distracting me. There's a lovely bright blue sheen through the navy.

Shelleyti said...

Yep, consider yourself justified :) And High Spirits and After Eight sure!

Jacinta Geraghty said...

I was eyeing up some of the Essence ones this morning and I have 2 of the Catrice ones! They're all so gorgeous aren't they??

Unknown said...

Oh lordie, I want at least 4 - High Spirits, Time For Romance, Blue Addicted and In Style! At this rate I'll have to start throwing out furniture to make room for my nail polish...

Kitty Catastrophe said...

Ooh they're all gorgeous. Blue Addicted looks amazing and Marilyn is sooopah Christmassy! Lovely!

Unknown said...

My local pharmacy stopped selling essence, I am GUTTED!

InspirationBeauty said...

Is it bad that I already own three of these and want many more?
I suppose these polishes feed my addiction cheaper than Chanel !