Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mah Top Ten Movies - Right This Minute

Following a conversation on the Twidder with the lovely lunatics Karen, Paula & Dee t'other night about our fave films I got to thinking about my top 10.

I can't say my top 10 of all time because even making this list more were coming to mind. This 10, however, are films that I have watched several times and would again.

If you're at a loss this weekend, check out one o' these bad boys, you won't be disappointed.

10. Scream (The original of its genre)

9. Stir of Echoes (Creepy and riveting, right to the end)

8. Frequency (Fantastic story)

7. Napoleon Dynamite (There are no words)

6. Garden State (Zach Braff = Genius)(Kick Ass soundtrack too)

5. Fallen (Tiiiiiime is on my side)

4. Amélie (So much love)

3. Tell No One (Based on Harlan Coben's novel. So bloody good!)

2. El Orfanato (Terrifying and touching. Del Toro is the Master!)

1. Drive (Just Wow)

As I say, these are the top ten as of today, that could change in half an hour. I is nothing if not fickle. 

Have you seen any of these? Or, more importantly, have you a different top 10 (or 3, or 1) that you think are well worth a goo?

Do share in the comments, Lovelies. This long weekend isn't going to fill itself y'know? 


cornflakegirl said...

Great post & thanks for the shout out Sue. I'm defo gonna check out the ones I haven't seen yet.

My current top ten are (it changes all the time though):

10. Inception (blew my mind & Christopher Nolan's directing is stunning).
9. Stand by Me (I watch it on Phoenix's anniversary every year).
8. Abro los Ojos (the original to the Tom Cruise remake Vanilla Sky and it's 1,000 times better).
7. The Last Kiss (Zach Braff and Casey Affleck are bloody brilliant).
6. Volver (I love everything Pedro Almodovar does but Volver is my current favourite).
5. Heathers (possibly the best dark comedy I've ever seen).
4. My Own Private Idaho (another one I watch every year on Phoenix's anniversary and one of the only movies I can actually stand Keanu Reeves in).
3. Across the Universe (esp Eddie Izzard's version of Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite. Oh and Evan Rachel Wood is in it).
2. Memento (Christopher Nolan is quite simply the master and Guy Pearce is at his best).
1. Almost Famous (I adore this movie so much it's not even funny)

LyndseyJ said...

I've not seen any of them :s although a few look really good so thanks for recommendations :) think I might try some xxx

Scarie said...

I hate Napoleon Dynamite, hate, hate, hate , hate! Makes me so sad as it reminds me of a few of the teens with aspergers in work!

Sue Jordan said...

Thanks Girls,

Really K? I absolutely love it, the humour is so off the wall. Have to say it reminds me most of my brothers growing up & there's more than a little of my lads in there too. (They'd all kill me for saying that :]) I think it was meant to be more teen angst than anything else.

Do you have a top 3?