Thursday, October 20, 2011

We Gots a Winner!

Apologies Folks, this should have been up on Toosdy but without further ado...

The winner picked by & verified by the youngest Gorgebag (as my phone has gone kaput tonight, meaning no pictures) was number 26!

Yep, I realise that means nothing to you, so the correlating lovely is....


And the crowd goes wild *Yarrrggghhh*

Mel's use for EA was: 'I'd use it on my elbows, without this cream they are positively pre-historic - T.Rex has nothing on my winter elbows for dry scaly skin!'

Just as well you won, Mel, can't have no Reptar hinge joints walking about! Please send me on your address for postage, my scaly pretty. 

Everyone else, again, Fanks a Fousand for reading and supporting me. As a daycent thank you & following on from a great response to this post when we reach 200 followers there will have to be a Benefit Giveaway, yeah? Yeah! 


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I'm delighted., and with this weather, its very timely!